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43 Great Small Business Ideas in India To Start in 2023

43 Great Small Business Ideas in India To Start in 2023

Small Business Ideas in India: Overview Are you planning to start a business in India and looking for new business ideas to try? That’s great. Small business ideas have great potential in the Indian market. Here, I have listed more than 40 small business ideas you can easily within a low budget establish in the … Read more

52 Great Small Business Ideas Anyone Can Make Money Today

52 Great Small Business Ideas Anyone Can Make Money Today

Small Business Ideas Are you planning to start a business and looking for new ideas to try? That’s great. Small business has a lot of opportunities in the market today. Here, I have listed 52 small business ideas that you can try now. But, before you can select a business idea you must consider three … Read more

SEE Result 2079/2080 Published: Check Class 10 Result

see result 2079 2080

You’ve landed in the perfect spot if you’re seeking the ultimate resource to help you check the SEE result for the academic year 2079/2080. We’re here to provide you with a straightforward and exceptional guide to navigate the process successfully. SEE Result 2079/2080: Update The Office of the Controller of Examination (OCE) in Sanothimi Bhaktapur … Read more

Management Notes: A Complete Chapter-Wise Notes on Management Subject

management notes

Management Notes (Chapter Wise) Management is the art of managing people and materials in an organizational setting. In this article, we have made a complete list of management notes. In this, management note article, we have included the topics like what is management, what is planning, what is controlling, organization, manager, leadership, motivation, and many … Read more

The Initiative Principle of Management [Explained]

Initiative principle

What is Initiative Principle of Management? The principle of initiative means letting employees take action, and employing their new ideas while accomplishing given duties. This principle states that a manager should provide his employees an opportunity to take initiative actions by themselves and share their suggestions in planning because no employees want suggestions or disturbance … Read more

The Stability of Tenure Principle of Management [Explained]

Stability of Tenure

What is Stability of Tenure Principle? The principle of stability of tenure of personnel means that in the organization there should be job security for the employees, and there should not be frequent changes in employees’ positions. According to this principle, the manager should make sure that once the employees are hired they must be … Read more

The Equity Principle of Management [Explained]

Equity Principle

What is Equity Principle of Management? The principle of equity means all the employees of the organization should get treated with fairness, kindness, respect, and justice. No one should be discriminated against in terms of gender, position, caste, or religion. This principle states, that the manager should create an environment where employees feel free from … Read more

The Scalar Chain Principle of Management [Explained]

Scalar Chain Principle

What is Scalar Chain Principle? The principle of scalar chain means a straight line of authority from top-level management to the ground level. At the core of this principle, the information should be strictly communicated in a hierarchy either from top to bottom or bottom to top. By the scalar chain principle, in an organization, … Read more

The Principle of Remuneration of Personnel [Explained]

Remuneration of Personnel Principle

What is Remuneration of Personnel Principle? The principle of remuneration of personnel states that the employees should be paid a fair salary, and the salary should reasonably align with their contribution and effort. The remuneration given should be reasonable and acceptable to both employees and the organization. The manager should determine the wages considering the … Read more