5 Essential Strategies For Service Marketing

5 strategies for service marketing

Strategies For Service Marketing Service marketing strategies are the marketing strategies used for service products. To satisfy customers the service organizations should provide services as desired by the consumers. Since the service is intangible, it is very difficult to adopt suitable strategies and measure the level of satisfaction of the customers. However, if you own … Read more

What is Service Marketing? Definition, Types, Features, and Strategies

service marketing

What is Service Marketing? Service marketing is the process, practice, and strategy that promotes intangible offerings and benefits to the customers to build up customer satisfaction, relationships, and value. The service can be a firm’s single offering as well as additional benefits to tangible products. In simple words, service marketing means doing business with intangible … Read more

What is Labelling? Definition, Types, Functions, Elements, and Importance

product labelling

What is Labelling (Labeling)? Labelling (Labeling) is the process of assigning a label to a product to make it more recognizable and identifiable by adding product information and the manufacturer. Where, a product label may be any tag, symbol, small piece of paper, wrapper, or means of recognition directly attached to the product. A label … Read more

What is Packaging? Definition, Levels, Objectives, Essentials, and Strategies


What is Packaging? Packaging is the process or activity of giving a container or wrapper to a product or covering a product. It aims to protect the in-contents of the product from external forces until the product is delivered to the end-users. In simple words, when you are going to give a gift to someone … Read more

What is Brand Equity? Definition, Value, Process, and Types

brand equity

What is Brand Equity? In marketing, brand equity is the totality of the perceived (qualitative) value of a brand. The total value of a brand is determined by the positive perceptions and experiences of consumers that a brand offers. Brand equity is the set of assets and liabilities linked to a brand, differential attributes, features, … Read more

What is New Product Development (NPD)? Definition and Process

new product development

What is New Product Development (NPD)? New product development (NPD) is the process of generating a new idea, turning that idea into a new & usable product, and introducing it to the market. Usually, NPD follows a series of steps before introducing a new product to the market that satisfies the market’s needs and wants. … Read more

An Ultimate Guide to Product Life Cycle (PLC) Strategies

product life cycle strategies

Product Life Cycle Strategies The product life cycle is the process that explains the life stages of the product from its introduction to dropping out from the market. The product life cycle stages are – introduction, growth, maturity, saturation, and decline, every stage is distinct and every stage also requires distinct marketing strategies. There are … Read more

Product Life Cycle (PLC) – Definition, Stages, Strategies, and Examples

product life cycle

What is Product Life Cycle (PLC)? The product life cycle (PLC) is the length of time of products that outlines the stages of a product from its development and introduction in the market to its removal from the market. It outlines the five main stages of the product – introduction, growth, maturity, saturation, and decline, … Read more