Salesforce Motivation – Definition, Importance, Factors, and Methods

Salesforce Motivation

What is Salesforce Motivation? Salesforce or Sales Personnel motivation refers to giving inspiration and encouraging a salesperson intrinsically to stimulate his/her interest to do work motivated to achieve sales goals. In fact, salesforce motivation is a psychological aspect. It’s a process of making salespeople act in the desired manner. It is the art of inspiring … Read more

How To Make A Good First Impression With The Prospects?

ways to make first impression with prospects

13 Easy Ways To Make A Good First Impression With Potential Customers It is certain that when you first meet someone, you are going to make two sorts of impressions, first is a good impression and second is a bad impression. It is only 5 seconds or less someone evaluates you when you first meet … Read more

What is E-Marketing? Definition, Types, Advantages, & Disadvantages

e marketing

What is E-Marketing? E-Marketing is the process of doing marketing activities using various forms of electronic media, primarily the Internet. E-Marketing stands for Electronic Marketing. Online marketing, internet marketing, digital marketing, etc. are interchangeably used and hence considered synonymous. E-marketing includes all the activities done by a business organization to promote and sell goods & … Read more

Market Segmentation: Definition, Types, Requirements, Process, and Importance

market segmentation

What is Market Segmentation? Market segmentation is a process, strategy, and practice to divide the whole market into its sub-markets to make such a market more approachable. Simply, it is a practice to subdivide the entire consumer market into segments based on consumer needs, tastes, preferences, and spending patterns. Market segmentation is also called market … Read more

What Is Societal Marketing Concept In Markating? Explained

Societal Marketing Concept

What is the Societal Marketing Concept? The societal marketing concept is based on the notion that for any business to be successful it must satisfy the customer’s wants and at the same time also improve social (human) welfare. The societal marketing concept also known as the simply social concept of marketing assumes organizations adopting this … Read more

What Is The Holistic Marketing Concept In Marketing? Explained

Holistic Marketing Concept

What is Holistic Marketing? Holistic marketing is a marketing philosophy that believes all the business components are important in achieving defined objectives and says all components should work together as one single to achieve a common goal. The holistic marketing concept is based on the holism philosophy, which believes the whole is greater than one, … Read more

6 Marketing Concepts: Marketing Management Philosophies [Explained]

essential marketing concepts

Marketing Concepts (Marketing Management Philosophies) The marketing management philosophies that direct the marketing operations of business firms are known as marketing concepts. Marketing concepts also referred to as marketing management philosophies, through the past ages have guided organizations’ marketing activities. As marketing has evolved with human civilization, marketing philosophies also go in hand hand with … Read more

How To Control Sales Performance: 5 Methods To Make It Work

How to control sales performance

Methods To Control Sales Performance It is important to control the sales performance of salesforce/sales personnel when it needs to. It is obvious that there will be fluctuations in the performance of salespeople when time passes as many factors affect them. It is a prime duty of the sales manager/selling firm to continuously evaluate, monitor, … Read more

How To Evaluate Salesforce Sales Performance? 4 Easy Steps For It

Evaluate Salesforce Sales Performance

Evaluation of Sales Performance A sales manager is responsible for the evaluation of the sales performance of its salesforce/sales personnel. He should evaluate sales performance periodically. In fact, sales performance evaluation is an effective way to bridge the gap between actual performance and expected performance of sales personnel. It is a means to push the … Read more