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How To Control Sales Performance: 5 Methods To Make It Work

How to control sales performance

Methods To Control Sales Performance It is important to control the sales performance of salesforce/sales personnel when it needs to. It is obvious that there will be fluctuations in the performance of salespeople when time passes as many factors affect them. It is a prime duty of the sales manager/selling firm to continuously evaluate, monitor, … Read more

How To Evaluate Salesforce Sales Performance? 4 Easy Steps For It

Evaluate Salesforce Sales Performance

Evaluation of Sales Performance A sales manager is responsible for the evaluation of the sales performance of its salesforce/sales personnel. He should evaluate sales performance periodically. In fact, sales performance evaluation is an effective way to bridge the gap between actual performance and expected performance of sales personnel. It is a means to push the … Read more

Performance Appraisal of Sales Personnel: Definition, Purpose, and Process

Performance Appraisal of Sales Personnel

What is Sales Personnel Performance Appraisal? Sales personnel performance appraisal is a systematic, periodic and so far as humanly possible and impartial rating of sales personnel’s excellence in matters pertaining to his/her present job and to his/her potentialities for a better job. It is the systematic evaluation of individuals with respect to their performance on-the-job … Read more

3 Steps To Design An Effective Salesforce Motivation Program?

Designing Salesforce Motivation Program

How To Design A Salesforce Motivation Program? Designing a salesforce motivation program is challenging because a lot of complexities arise during sales operations between and among two levels of salespeople. The first level requires the motivation of an individual salesperson and the second is the motion of the entire sales force in a selling firm. … Read more

3 Most Common Types of Salesforce Compensation Plan [+Pros/Cons]

Salesforce Compensation Plan Types

Types of Salesforce Compensation Plan Compensation is more than money. It is one of the crucial factors of salespeople’s motivation. There are basically three types of salesforce compensation plan that a selling firm can use as an alternative to compensate its salespersons. If the selling firm is large, there found the use of all these … Read more

Salesforce Compensation Plan: Definition, Types, Objectives, and Features

Salesforce Compensation Plan

What is Salesforce Compensation Plan? A Salesforce compensation plan is a payment strategy of the sales organization to its salespeople which includes salary, commission, bonus, incentives, and different pay ranges. A compensation plan plays a crucial role in motivation and increment in the performance of the salesforce. The plan is designed considering the objectives of … Read more

Salesforce Motivation: Definition, Importance, Factors, and Methods

Salesforce Motivation

What is Salesforce Motivation? Salesforce or Sales Personnel motivation refers to giving inspiration and encouraging a salesperson intrinsically to stimulate his/her interest to do work motivated to achieve sales goals. In fact, salesforce motivation is a psychological aspect. It’s a process of making salespeople act in the desired manner. It is the art of inspiring … Read more

Salesforce Socialization: Definition, Process, and Objectives

Salesforce Socialization

What is Salesforce Socialization? Salesforce/sales personnel socialization is the process where the newly recruited salespeople are introduced to the selling firm, make mutual adaptations with other new salespeople, and develop a mutual understanding with employers/selling firm. It is a process that begins after orientation is given to the newly recruited sales force. Although salesforce orientation … Read more

7 Most Effective Methods of Sales Training [+Pros/Cons]

Sales Training Methods

Methods of Sales Training Sales training methods are a very effective way to enhance positively the performance of salespeople and achieve increased sales profits. These methods greatly work for whether the sales personnel are old i.e. current employees or the newly appointed sales personnel. It is an essential duty of the sales manager/sales organization to … Read more