NEB SEE Exam Routine 2080: Check Class 10th Exam Date

SEE Exam Routine 2080

SEE Exam Routine 2080: Update In this article, we are going to learn about the details of SEE routine 2080. So let’s get started. Secondary Education Examination i.e. SEE, which was previously known as the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) is overseen by the Office of the Controller Sanothimi Bhaktapur and the National Examinations Board (NEB). … Read more

What is Distribution? Definition, Objectives, and Methods

distribution goods to customer

What is Distribution? Distribution is an activity, process, and means where the products are delivered to the ultimate customers from the production point by different types of delivery channels. It is also said to be the product distribution. Distribution i.e. place is also one of the crucial parts of the marketing mix, which adds up … Read more

What are Price Changes? How To Initiate and React Price Change

price changes

What is Price Change? In marketing, when various internal and external factors force business organizations to make changes in their products or services prices, it is called price change. In other words, the price change is an alternation of the previous price of any product or service. In the general concept, the price of a … Read more

Pricing Strategies For Each Stage of The Product Life Cycle

product life cycle pricing strategies

The Product Life Cycle Pricing Strategies What could be the possible pricing strategies for each stage of the product life cycle? The product life cycle is the marketing strategy that has all the ups and downs of the product’s life from the product’s birth to death. Based on the stages of the product lifecycle the … Read more

What is Price Lining? Definition, Strategies, and Examples

price lining

What is Price Lining? Price lining is the marketing (pricing) strategy where a marketer or retailer sets different prices for the same offerings because such offerings differ to some extent in terms of quality, style, design, features, size, attributes, benefits, package, and so forth. Price lining is also called product line pricing – for example, … Read more

Factors Affecting Product/Service Pricing (Internal and External Factors)

pricing factors

Pricing Factors (Price Factors) Pricing is a complicated job that needs to look for various factors. A marketer in the course of setting a product or service’s final price is affected by such internal, and external factors – objectives, cost, supply, demand, government regulation, and so forth. Usually, marketing executives are affected while pricing by … Read more

10 Importance of Pricing To The Firm, Customer, and Economy

importance of pricing

Importance of Pricing Why pricing is important? Pricing is one of the crucial elements of marketing programs. Since the competition has reached the top, varieties of product prices are out there, customer sovereignty is maintained, and the importance of pricing has been increasing extensively. Pricing is not important only to the price maker (business firm), … Read more

The 6 Major Objectives of Pricing In Marketing

pricing objectives

Pricing Objectives Simply defining, pricing is the means of determining an appropriate price (value) for the product. While fixing the product price, a marketer or company should plan what objectives he wants to realize from that pricing. The company should decide first its pricing objectives before setting up a price for the product. The pricing … Read more