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What is Discipline Principle of Management? [Definition + Pros/Cons]

Discipline Principle of Management

What is Discipline Principle? The principle of discipline means being obedient to seniors, respecting organizational rules, and behaving the way the organization wants. In the discipline principle of management, Fayol has emphasized that everyone should be disciplined whether it is employees or managers to achieve the target goals in the best possible way. In fact, … Read more

Authority and Responsibility Principle of Management

Authority and Responsibility

What is Authority and Responsibility Principle? Authority is the power, right to command, and decision-making power, and the responsibility is to be answerable or be obliged for one’s own actions, and decisions, these are the two interrelated terms in principles of management. This principle of management believes that authority and responsibility should be balanced, they … Read more

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Decision-Making Skills (Explained)

improving decision-making skills

How To Improve Decision-Making Skills? Decision-making is just defining it as the choosing best choice from available options. Because it is to settle on the simplest option, it’s not that easy to spot which option is best and which isn’t. Thus we’d like to enhance and improve our decision-making skills. Decision-making requires exercising judgment and … Read more

10 Techniques of Organizational Development (OD) – Explained

OD Techniques

Organizational Development Techniques Organizational development (OD) is the process of improving organizational efficiency through planned change. Its main motive is to enhance the general operating efficiency of the organization. For organizational development, it’s essential to perform some activities or use techniques at the individual level, group level, and organizational system levels. The 10 important organizational development techniques or activities are mentioned … Read more

6 Important Factors Affecting Quality of Product or Service [Explained]

factors affecting quality

Factors Affecting Quality Quality is the level of excellence viewed by customers to satisfy their needs. For the standard of product or service, many factors are taken to be consideration. The major factors affecting quality are: Policy Company policies are the important factors affecting the quality of the product. The top management establishes policies regarding product quality. … Read more

8 Benefits and Importance of Motivation In An Organization

Importance and Benefits of Motivation

Importance of Motivation In the Workplace Today, employee motivation at the workplace is essential to get efficient performance from employees for the success of the organization. Motivation is one of the important functions of management. It is the responsibility of the manager to motivate his employees to get the best performance. Hence, the importance of … Read more