Schedules of Reinforcement: Definition and Types (Explained)

reinforcement schedules planning

Schedules of Reinforcement A reinforcement schedule is a rule that specifies the timing and frequency of reinforces. The plan, pattern, or strategy for delivering the reinforcement is known as the schedule of reinforcement. It is B.F. Skinner introduced the reinforcement schedules in his operant conditioning. Schedules of reinforcement are important determinants of behavior that help … Read more

The B.F. Skinner’s Operant Conditioning Theory of Learning

B.F Skinner Operant Conditioning

What is Operant Conditioning? It is B.F. Skinner, who had proposed the operant conditioning or instrumental conditioning theory of learning. Here, the behavior is learned through punishment and reward. The negative behavior leads to punishment and the positive one leads to rewards. And, the punished behaviors are likely to be reduced and rewarded ones are … Read more