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What Is The Holistic Marketing Concept In Marketing? Explained

Holistic Marketing Concept

What is Holistic Marketing? Holistic marketing is a marketing philosophy that believes all the business components are important in achieving defined objectives and says all components should work together as one single to achieve a common goal. The holistic marketing concept is based on the holism philosophy, which believes the whole is greater than one, … Read more

The 6 Major Objectives of Pricing In Marketing (Explained)

pricing objectives

Objectives of Pricing Simply defining, pricing is the means of determining an appropriate price (value) for the product. While fixing the product price, a marketer or company should plan what objectives he wants to realize from that pricing. The company should decide first its pricing objectives before setting up a price for the product. The … Read more

An Ultimate Guide to the Product Life Cycle (PLC) Strategies

product life cycle strategies

Strategies For the Product Life Cycle The product life cycle is the process that explains the life stages of the product from its introduction to dropping out from the market. The product life cycle stages are – introduction, growth, maturity, saturation, and declining, every stage is distinct and every stage also requires distinct marketing strategies. … Read more

Product Life Cycle (PLC): Definition, Stages, Strategies, and Examples

product life cycle

What is the Product Life Cycle (PLC)? The product life cycle (PLC) is the length of time of products that outlines the stages of a product from its development, and introduction in the market to its removal from the market. It outlines five main stages of the product – introduction, growth, maturity, saturation, and declining, … Read more

Types of Product (Consumer and Industrial Products ) Explained

types of products

Types of Products When we go into the market, we see different types of products. But how do we know actually what types of products they are or what we are buying? Products are classified on the basis of buyers – consumer buyers and industrial or business buyers. Consumers usually buy products for final consumption … Read more

Product Positioning: Definition, Strategies, Process, and Benefits

product positioning

What is Product Positioning? Product positioning is the process and practice of creating a unique place for the product in the mind of consumers than competitors’ offerings. Effective positioning helps companies to build a distinct image and value in the target market. Product positioning is about how to target consumers to perceive your product relative … Read more

Micro Environment: Definition and Its Components (Explained)

micro environment

What is Micro Environment? Micro-environment refers to the factors that are close to the organization and affects its serving ways of customers. It is also called a task environment that can be influenced to some extent by the actions of the organization. The micro-environment consists of external environmental forces that are part of a company’s … Read more