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What is Globalization? Definition, Features, Types, Effects, and Factors


What is Globalization? Globalization refers to the process of integration of the national economy with the world economy. It integrates the nation’s economy and businesses and increases the economic, socio-cultural, demographic, political, technological, and environmental interdependence of different places around the world. Globalization is driven by international trade, investment, information technology, and a free-market economic … Read more

12 Importance of International (Global) Business

Importance of International Business

Importance of International Business Going global a company can enjoy a lot of benefits. International business is a fact that helped companies to earn profits not only at the national level but globally. There is various importance as so companies opt for international business. The benefits of international business are not only for the companies … Read more

International Business: Definition, Features, Importance, and Challenges

International Business

What is International Business? International business refers to commercial transactions between two or more nations. It is also called a global business that includes carrying economic transactions of goods, services, knowledge, technology, capital, labor, communication, transportation, and many more globally. International business does not remain only to global trade of goods and services but also … Read more