Yudhishthira's wisdom four levels

Yudhishthira’s wisdom four levels

Yudhishthira’s wisdom is an ancient story. Which is a part of Mahabharata, Indian greatest epic? Or it simply says a journey of five brothers in the jungle. Four levels parts for this text Literal comprehension, interpretation, critical thinking/ analysis, and assimilation are:

Yudhishthira's seeing his brotherYudhishthira’s wisdom

Source: Mahabharata


Literal comprehension of this story

The story ‘ Yudhishthira’s wisdom ‘ has been taken from the greatest epic ‘Mahabharata‘. Once upon a time five Pandavas brother’s were wondering in a forest to hunt a deer. But the deer in their sight disappeared suddenly. In the min time, they felt tiredness grew thirsty & they were unable to move ahead. They set under a tree & Yudhisthira’s sent his eldest brother Sahadeva. To search for water but he didn’t come for a long time. He sent his entire brother’s one after the other gradually. However, none of them returned for a long time. Therefore, ultimately Yudhisthira’s himself set out in search of his bother’s following their footprints. After a short walk, he notices a beautiful pool. On its bank, his four brother’s were lying either unconsciousness or death.

Although viewing the events he was in stream distress & sorrow. Then he bent to drink water from the pool but an unknown voice warned him. Not to drink water from the pool before answering his questions. After listening carefully Yudhisthira’s tactfully answered all questions of Yama(the god of justice & death). His four brothers were prostrate on the ground due to their disobedience to the voice of Yama. His philosophical answers like the power of God, courage, mother’s, give up pride, loose anger & leave desire. After listening to those answers the God pleased & became ready to revive one of his brothers. Yudhisthira’s by utilizing his wisdom abandoned his selfishness & stepped. Or moral ground selecting his stepbrother Nakula for revival. Hence, the god delighted & highly appreciated his patience & truthiness. And restored all his brother’s to live by promising to help them in their future difficulties.


From the moral & religious point of view, the story or Yudhishthira’s wisdom holds tremendous significance. It has convinced a message that a moral, a pride person is acting as per the religious & moral principles can ultimately outstrip all the hurdles & difficulties of life & leave the life of a respected personality. The story has presented Yudhisthira’s in this position. The story intends to teach the readers that human mean should have a power of endurance, wisdom, devotion & righteousness to achieve success in every walk of life. Whereas the person who doesn’t have these qualities suffers in life.

Critical thinking

As we analyze the story from the moral & religious point of view it’s appreciative & it sounds a charming tale. But as a critical thinker If we try to relate this story in the present context we come to notice that modern people don’t have much respect on morally & religion instead they are cheaply concerned with materials prosperity & happiness. Similarly, we can raise doubts over the existence of God in this materialistic world. Patience, right conduct, wisdom, devotion as well endurance are not always rewarded on this earth.

From earth prospective man without desire can never reach nor can we lose or anger as well as a man without love & emotion the life is of machines. Similarly, a man can not abandon pride & ambition because in their absence success will be a significant dream. Hence, we disagree with the writer along with one event in his four brother’s are restored to life after their death which seems impossible in real life.


As in went to the story as well as Yudhishthira’s wisdom carefully I came to realize the reality of life. The concept that the real happiness of life stands on the platform of right conduct, wisdom, patience, & devotion has changed my mode of thinking about several aspects of life. I was never convinced before that all these qualities would be rewarded on this Earth. But now Yudhisthira’s brother’s restoration of life has wiped out all my illusion & my reversion to God has increased about an event. I can grave some philosophical concepts is my subjects interest. In totally, the secrecy of being a great person in life on moral & religious grounds vivid to my sofa.

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