Definition and features of Word Processor-Computer and IT Application

Definition and features of Word Processor


Definition of word processor

Word processor is a processing data to prepare the documents. It is especially used to process word, as a result, it gives the word processing to design the document. A good example of the word processor is Ms-Word.

Microsoft Word is a word processor, created by Microsoft Corporation, US. It is one of the most advanced and powerful word processing software package in the market. It replaces your pen, paper, dictionary, thesaurus, and typewriter, and helps the user to create professional documents in record time.

word processor ms wordWith the help of word, users can write letters, memos, faxes, brochures, newsletters, even books and so on. Word and Microsoft Office are integrated to give greater flexibility and also provide a document-centric approach rather than an application-centric approach.

Microsoft word strives to provide more interconnectivity between the user and world by linking word documents to the World Wide Web (WWW) and between the user and other office-mates by allowing many people to edit the same document without confusion.

To get practical knowledge about Microsoft Word, you can also install it on your Personal Computer or Laptop and try to operate (use) it. And, you can get more practical knowledge about Microsoft Word.


Some features of Ms-Word as follows:

  • Web-centered document creation
  • Rich e-mail creation
  • Personalization based on patterns of use
  • Support for international users
  • Preserved formatting
  • Improved Web Page Wizard
  • Web Layout View
  • Themes
  • Improved Hyperlink Interface
  • Improved web page preview
  • Language setting
  • Drawing tools
  • Proofing tools
  • Language autodetection
  • Internet, intranet, and WWW features
  • Templates and Wizards features
  • Mail merge tools
  • Macro handling
  • Merging documents
  • Combine documents
  • Compare documents
  • Insert graphics, insert the table, insert charts
  • Spelling, grammar, and thesaurus
  • Object linking and embedding, etc.


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