Types of the computer on the basis of Size, Work, and Brand

Types of computer

As we know computers are electronic devices. They are helpful in our life. According to the types of computer they divided as:

  • On the basis of size
  • On the basis of work
  • And, On the basis of brand

A. On the basis of size

As its name suggests types of computer classified on the basis of their various size. Also, the basis of their sizes of computer’s working capacity and features are some differences. According to computer sizes, computers are microcomputers, minicomputers, mainframe computers, and supercomputers. They are:

1. Microcomputers (Personal computers)picture of micro computer or personal computer

Now a day most used computers are microcomputers. It is also known as a personal computer (PC) Or home PC because it is a single-user computer. Also, it supports many higher-level languages, multimedia, graphics, 3D graphics, and games. Similarly, it is popular among students, professionals, and home wives due to its small size, low price and low maintenance cost, and smooth operations. The internet is accessible due to PC and it is available for all income groups.

3. Minicomputers (Midrange computers)picture of mini computer

A minicomputer (colloquially, mini) in a class of multi-user computers that lies in the middle range of the computing spectrum, in between the smallest multi-user systems (mainframe computers) and the largest single-user systems (microcomputers). The temporary term for this class of system is a midrange computer.

3. Mainframe computerpicture of mainframe computer

The term mainframe computers are created to distinguish the traditional, large, institutional computer intended to service multiple users from the smaller, single-user machine. These computers are capable of handling and processing vast amounts of data quickly. Mainframe computers are applied in large institutions such as government, banks, and large corporations. It is measured in million institutions per second (MIPS) and responds up to 100’s of million users at a time.

4. Supercomputerpicture of super computer

Multi-users, a multi-processor large computer which has very high efficiency and storing capacity known as a supercomputer. It is able to solve complicated and complex problems within nanoseconds. In terms of computational capability memory size and speed, I/O technology, and topological issues such as bandwidth and latency, supercomputers are the most powerful, are very expensive, and not cost-effective just to perform batch or transaction processing. Transaction processing is handled by less powerful computers such as server computers or mainframes.

B. Types of Computer on the Basis of work

The basis of working types of computers, computers also categorize. The computers are analog computers, digital computers, and hybrid computers. Their definitions are:

1. Analog computer

An analog computer is one that measures values such as temperature or pressure that fall along a continuous scale in temperature or pressure.

2. Digital computer

A digital computer is one that directly counts number or digits that presents numbers, letters, or other special symbols. Digital computers are the most used computers for reports, documentation, billing, and other graphical works.

3. Hybrid computer

This is the computer which works on digital as well as analog computer both. The good qualities of analog and digital computers are combined on these computers made hybrid computers.

C. On the basis of brand

As we have already know computers have various brands. Some brands are:

  • IBM-PC
  • IBM-Compatible
  • Apple computers
  • Acer computers
  • Dell computers, etc.

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