To Know A Fly Four Levels

To Know A Fly

To Know A Fly is an essay written by an American writer:- Vincent Dethier. Four levels of this essay are given below:

Literal Comprehension

“To Know A Fly” is an essay written by an American physiologist name Vincent Dethier. This essay is about four scientific experiments.

The first experiment is when many gentlemen gathered and used to drink whiskey, bourbon, rum, scotch, rye, gin, etc., and mixed it with water, then, in conclusion, the writer thought water has intoxication power.

The second is, there is an earthquake in one house, the house is fallen down but the owner of the house is survived. When the house owner was asked, he said when I was pulling down the window shade that time my house has fallen down.

The third is, the researcher hung the banana, there are tools, and by using these tools the Ape is succeeded to take the banana. The researcher was amazed because the Ape used another idea to take the banana that the researcher did not think.

And the last scientific experiment is on an insect, the observer used 10 saucers with normal water and sugared water to find out the tasting way of the insect but the insect tasted beyond the writer’s expectation. And, he found that insect legs have tasting power.


As this text is about a scientific experiment, the writer trying to tell us that a well-conducted scientific experiment is essential to meet the best conclusion.

We are all living creatures, we all living creatures have sensitivity power, imaginative power, and thinking power and everyone has different types of qualities.

So the writer suggests to us that we human beings do not feel proud of ourselves. Also, the writer says that flying is more sensitive than human beings.

Critical Thinking

After reading this text I found some interesting ideas with some unsatisfied statements. Some unsatisfied statements to me with this text are as follows:

  • Is every other living creatures have more sensitive power than human beings?
  • How can we believe that flying is more sensitive than human beings?
  • How is it possible to conduct scientific research on human beings in every condition?
  • Are all the conclusions given by the writer in this text right?


Before reading this text, I did not have good knowledge of scientific research and other living creatures. As I read this text, able to know scientific research is necessary to meet the best conclusion.

Also, I knew other living creatures have also sensitivity power and thinking power like we human beings.

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