the tiny closet

The Tiny Closet Drama Four Levels

William Inge, The Tiny Closet writer
William Inge (1913-1973)

Characters in this drama:

Mr. Newbold as Roomer
Mrs. Crosby as Owner of the boarding house
Elsie as a maid/ servant of the boarding house
Mrs. Hergesheimer as best of the Mrs. Crosby

Drama The Tiny Closet Four Levels:

Literal Comprehension

“The Tiny Closet” is a short drama composed by William Inge (1913-1973). Mr. Newbold is the best roomer for Mrs. Crosby (landlady). He is always too much neat and clean. When Mr. Newbold in his room he is in doubt that somebody is disturbing him by monkeying in the door, somebody is inquiring about my private life. When he is going to the market he said to his landlady not to let anyone enter my room until I returned from the market. Here the actual drama has begun. The landlady is too much curious to know about what is in his room, why he does not give permission to anyone to enter his room? She takes Elsie on the stairs and called her friend Mrs. Hergesheimer. Then they go into his room. There were beautiful hats of women. Seeing that she thought is he spy, lunatic or criminal. After this Mrs. Elsie also too much curious about what they are doing in his room. Then Mr. Newold returned, Elsie told all about what they are doing. Hearing that he tries to hide him instead of frightened them, scare them. After some time he goes into his room, seeing his unbalanced room he feels helpless and starts weeping. Then he thinks she has done the crime and makes himself courageous, angry. He decides to kill her with the help of hatpin and goes into the kitchen where she was. In this way, the drama has ended.


In this drama, the writer tries to show the weaknesses, curiosity, jealousy nature of human beings. Especially the writer shows women’s curiosity nature to know about the private life of others as well as jealousy nature in terms of discussing others private life. Also, the writer taught too much curiosity about others’ life could be harmful. And he said, we should live formal life or our living style must be common, normal and natural.

Critical Thinking

Text is fine but after reading I am not satisfied with some statements:

  • Is it appropriate for Mrs. Crosby to be too much curious about Mr. Newbold?
  • Is it possible for Mr. Newbold to be always too much neat and clean?
  • How do we claim that Mr. Nebold is a spy, criminal only by making women hats?
  • How can we believe that Mr. Newbold will be able to kill Mrs. Crosby with the support of the hatpin?


Before reading this text “The Tiny Closet” I am too much curious to know about other private life and get jealous of others. But, after reading this text I came to know that being too much curious, jealous about other’s life is worthless. Sometimes it is a dangerous/ harmful thing for us. So I have decided not to be too much curious about other’s private life and no to do interfere with other’s life.

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