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The Lady With The Dog: What is its Main Theme? Explained

Anton Chekhov story: The Lady With The Dog

Four Levels of The Lady With The Dog are as follows:

Literal Comprehension

This is a story about the love of Mr. Gurov and Mrs. Anna. Mr. Gurov from Moscow, a married person, around 40 years, has a wife, one daughter, two sons, and works at the bank. He thinks women are inferior and men are superior. However, he is too interested in other wives. In past, he had many lovers too. Mrs. Anna a married woman from South S. One day Gurov in Yalta, when he goes to visit public places he saw a beautiful lady with the dog (Anna). He started to talk with her. Then, they started secretly to meet each other again and again, they kissed each other again and again. One day Anna’s husband called her to come back home. He also goes to his home. They separated. Gurov feels that I can not live without Anna. He goes to her town, met her in the theatre and again he kissed her. He says come with me to Moscow and live with me, she also promised to come to Moscow after a time. She came to Moscow saying to her husband I am going for treatment. They met in Moscow and to live with each other forgetting their family and others. Here the story ends.


“The Lady With The Dog” story’s main theme is the importance of love in human life to live a comfortable life. At first, there is physical love between Gurov and Anna but at last, physical love is changed into spiritual love. A mature love relationship is the union of heart. There are no boundaries to do love such as culture, family, society, etc. It also interprets that a love story can not stop rather than it goes forever.

Critical Thinking

This story is not well appreciated by me. This type of love would be in western culture but in our society’s people do not accept that type of immoral relation like Gurov and Anna.

  • Are there no any types of punishment for such a relationship?
  • How their family would be when they left?
  • Is there a plan that will be successful?


I am confused now about whom I believe. Because I thought married people are more responsible for their family, society, and social values. But this text really confused me.

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