great answer four levels

The Great Answer Four Levels

The Great Answer By Fulton Oursler

Fulton Oursler The Great Answer writer
Fulton Oursler

Four Levels of The Great Answer are:

Literal Comprehension

“The Great Answer” is a beautiful story written by an American Journalist Fulton Oursler. This story is related to the second world war where the people of France were suppressed and trying to go to America being refugees. And, there is a problem to cross the Spanish border. Also, a German policeman following them. One day a night a lot of refugees gathered to discuss how to cross the border, also there was a woman having four years of child and she also scared to cross the border. The same night a guider came at them and let them towards the mountain secretly to cross the border. They started climbing, during the climbing there were three old men who were too much tired of climbing and unable to walk more. However, the guider gave them a responsibility to take care of these four years of lady one by one. After continuously walking the whole night and half of the day in the early evening they crossed the Spanish border. They are full of joy crossing the Spanish border.


The main theme of this text is that nobody is like to suppressed and freedom is the most important and primary right for the human being. Selfless service is the most important in human life when we are in a problem we have praised God, we should not escape from it rather than add another difficulty, just like those old men. We have to be optimistic, courageous, enthusiastic in front of the problem. It also taught, the initial facing problem gives positive results in the future. Also, it says success welcome to those who are never tired to do hard work.

Critical Thinking

After reading this text some unsatisfied with text are:

  • How is it possible for those old men to take care of that lady already being too much tired?
  • How is it possible to get rid of the problem of caring for the child?
  • Is it possible for modern readers to believe that still, God exists in them?
  • Is God support selfless services?
  • Is it possible for those refugees to cross the Spanish border at the time of midnight?


I usually easily used to give up on my problems. But this text changed my mind and I decided from now on I do not give up easily without trying harder. And I will develop the habit of inviting other problems to solve them.

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s) From The Great Answer

What is the moral lesson we get from The Great Answer by Fulton Oursler?

What makes the great The Great Answer Story?

For answer to this questions review the Interpretation part of this article.

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