Impact of Macro Environment In Marketing

Impact of Macro Environment In Marketing

Impact of Macro Environment In Marketing The macro-environment consists of all the external forces that affect the marketing activities of the business firm and all these forces are uncontrollable. The macro-environment makes a significant impact on the marketing field. How does the macro-environment affect the business? A business is always affected by various factors. The … Read more

What is Rural Marketing? Definition, Features, 4As, and Reasons For Adopting

rural marketing

What is Rural Marketing? Rural marketing is a practice where urban products are exchanged with rural products to meet the needs & desires of both rural customers and to realize organizational goals. The main objective of rural marketing is to offer affordable products to rural customers, improve their standard of living, and achieve the organization’s … Read more

What is Green Marketing? Definition, Components, Benefits, and Requirements

green marketing

What is Green Marketing? Green marketing is a business practice that involves the production and distribution of products that satisfy human needs and wants that have a minimal impact on the natural environment. It is also called eco-friendly, sustainable, recyclable marketing that presumes products to be environmentally safe. Green marketing is an emerging marketing concept … Read more

What is Relationship Marketing? Definition, Benefits, and Approaches

relationship marketing

What is Relationship Marketing? Relationship marketing is a strategy, process, and practice to make good, trustworthy, long-term, and beneficial relationships with all existing and potential customers to earn and retain the business. It aims at making a strong – even touching customer bond with the business organization’s goods and services. The notion of relationship marketing … Read more

What is Marketing Mix? Definition, Features, Importance, and Its 7Ps

marketing mix

What is Marketing Mix? The marketing mix is the set of marketing tools, tactics, techniques, and actions that a business organization blends to realize the marketing goal in a selected target market. It consists of everything that an organization can do to influence its products and services demand in the market. Marketing mix mixes all … Read more

Marketing Concept In Marketing – Definition and Principles

Marketing Concept In Marketing

What is a Marketing Concept? The marketing concept is a new way of thinking about the organization’s entire activities. This is based on the notion that the main task of the organization is to know the needs, wants, and values of the target market (customers) and then, deliver products that satisfy those needs and wants. … Read more

What is Marketing? Definition, Core Concepts, Principles, and Importance

Marketing meaning

What is Marketing? Marketing is an activity to attract and make aware targeted consumers of products and services using high-quality messages. It is all the activities that companies do to make sure their products or services reach customers or other business buyers. For business organizations marketing is the inevitable tool to succeed in this ever-changing … Read more

What is E-Marketing? Definition, Types, Advantages, & Disadvantages

e marketing

What is E-Marketing? E-Marketing is the process of doing marketing activities using various forms of electronic media, primarily the Internet. E-Marketing stands for Electronic Marketing. Online marketing, internet marketing, digital marketing, etc. are interchangeably used and hence considered synonymous. E-marketing includes all the activities done by a business organization to promote and sell goods & … Read more

What Is The Holistic Marketing Concept In Marketing? Explained

Holistic Marketing Concept

What is Holistic Marketing? Holistic marketing is a marketing philosophy that believes all the business components are important in achieving defined objectives and says all components should work together as one single to achieve a common goal. The holistic marketing concept is based on the holism philosophy, which believes the whole is greater than one, … Read more