Sociology And Psychology (Relationships And Differences)

Sociology and Psychology (Relationships and Differences)

Relationship of Sociology and Psychology

Sociology and Psychology are contributory sciences. Psychology has been defined as the study of human behavior. The kind of relationship between sociology and psychology is still disputed/controversial.

According to Durkheim, sociology should study social facts and not psychological facts. Social facts, according to him, are something external to the individual and exercise an external constraint on the individual. On the other hand, writers like Ginsberg hold the opinion that many sociological explanations could be made firmly established by being related to general psychological laws or explanations. As such, the psychological phenomenon is the result of social interaction.


  • The basic point of similarity between the two is that both deal with human beings.
  • It has been argued that many sociological explanations could be made firmly established through psychological explanations i.e. human behavior can be explained clearly in the social context.
  • Social psychology serves as a bridge between psychology and sociology.
  • Social psychology helps to face social problems.

Difference between Sociology and Psychology

The two subjects differ from each other in scope. A psychologist studies individuals, whereas a sociologist studies society as a whole. So, a psychologist has an individualistic approach whereas the approach of a sociologist is collective.


  • Sociology is a science of society and human interactions and relationships. But Psychology is a science of mind.
  • Society and social groups are the units of study in sociology. It has no primary interest in individual and individual behavior. But the individual is the unit of study in case Psychology. Psychology studies the behavior of individuals in a group situation or in society.
  • Sociology studies social processes. Whereas psychology studies the mental processes of man.
  • The scope of Sociology is wide. Whereas the scope of Psychology is limited.
  • Sociology is general science. Whereas psychology is a special science
  • Sociology studies society from the sociological point of view. Psychology studies the individual’s behavior from a psychological point of view.

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