Sociology and Political Science (Relationships and Differences)

Relationship Between Sociology and Political Science

Being a mother of social sciences, Sociology features a close and intimate relationship with all other science, thus, it’s a depth relationship with political science also. Many scholars rejected to acknowledge sociology as a science distinct from history.

Sociology is the science of society. It is a study of systems of social action and their inter-relations, the study of social groups and social institutions. Political Science is the science of state and Government. It studies power, political processes, political systems, types of government, and international relations.


  • Sociology depends on political science. In the words of Morris Ginsberg, “Historically, Sociology has its main roots in politics and philosophy of history.” Sociology greatly benefited from the books such as ‘The Republic’, ‘The Politics’ and ‘Arthasastra’ written by political scientists like Plato, Aristotle, and Kautilya respectively.
  • Each and every social problem has a political cause. Political Science is a part of sociology. Hence sociology depends on political science to comprehend itself. To understand different political events sociology takes help from political science. Sociology to draw its conclusions depends on political science. Any change in the political system or nature of power structure brings changes in society. Hence Sociology takes the help of political science to understand the changes in society. Hence both are inter-dependent.
  • Similarly, political science also depends on Sociology. Political Science is a part of sociology. To understand the part, it is necessary to understand the whole. Almost all political problems have a social cause and for the solution of these political problems, political science takes the help of sociology.
  • State frames its rules, regulations, and laws on the basis of social customs, traditions, and values. Without Sociological background, the study of political science will be incomplete. Political Scientists largely benefited from the researches and research methods of the Sociologist. Some consider political science as a branch of Sociology. The state is considered as a social group hence is a subject of Sociology.
  • Besides, there are some common topics which are being studied by both the subjects. These topics are war, authority, communal riots, and law. With the help of both political science and sociology, a new subject comes into existence which is known as ‘political sociology’.

Difference between Sociology and Political Science

Both sciences contribute to each other. But in spite of their inter-relationship and inter-dependence both the sciences differ from each other in the following way.


  • Sociology is a science of society and social relationships. Whereas political science is a science of state and government.
  • Sociology is a new or young science. But political science is an older science.
  • Sociology is general science. But political science is a special science.
  • The scope of sociology is very wide. But the scope of political science is limited.
  • Sociology studies organized, unorganized and disorganized society. Whereas political science studies only politically organized society.
  • Sociology studies the social activities of man. Whereas political science studies the political activities of man.
  • Sociology studies man as a social animal. Whereas political science studies man as a political animal.
  • Sociology studies both formal and informal relations. Whereas political science studies only formal relations.
  • Sociology deals with all forms of association. Whereas political science deals with only one form of the association named state.

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