Significance of Sociology: 11 Uses and Benefits To Society

Significance of Sociology

Or Importance or Use of Sociology To Society

Although Sociology has made its appearance in the family of sciences not too long ago, it is gaining popularity as a discipline in academics and its significance is increasing day by day. In a complex society, surrounded by new and complex social problems, sociology can prove useful in identifying these emerging social problems and finding out their solutions.

According to Prof. Giddings “Economics tells us how to get things we want to hope, Sociology tells us how to become what we want to be.”

The significance of sociology are as follows:

  1. The study of Sociology can help identify social needs. Once the needs are identified, then other activities such as planning and distribution of resources can be done.
  2. When we talk about the application of sociological knowledge in business management, we must never forget that a businessman or analyst, or management professional is part of society. The study of sociology will provide him the opportunity to investigate, analyze and understand social problems and social institutions,s and existing social norms and values. Thus he/she will work and plan his future course of action keeping the needs of society into considerations. This approach therefore will be realistic and meet social needs.
  3. Sociological knowledge can help provide commercial organizations, the first-hand knowledge about the needs of society. Thus, the commercial activity such as production, distribution, etc. will be oriented taking into consideration, the needs of society.
  4. In every society, there are some complex problems which if not immediately solved, can create many more serious problems. The study of Sociology can help us in locating such problems and finding out the magnitude of the problem and seek help in solving these. Sociology has helped governments promote welfare to the tribal people as well.
  5. As sociological study generates social issues (problems) and their status as well as their magnitude, this knowledge can help policymakers in policy formulation.
  6. Through Sociology, people have knowledge about the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and multi-religious society where we live in and also provides us with knowledge about unity in diversity that promotes national solidarity.
  7. The knowledge about cultural heritage and its significance not only inculcate in us the sense of pride but also instill in us the measures and needs of their conservation.
  8. Sociological knowledge has changed our perspectives towards our fellow human beings and also on the wrongdoers (such as criminals) in our society. We have started to find the social cause for any deviance such as crime, violence, etc. rather than considering it as the outcome of the attitude of an individual alone.
  9. Sociology in one way promotes the responsibility of a person as a member of society and in another way promotes harmony and unity, therefore helping in the reduction of social frictions and tensions.
  10. Again it is sociology that helps in identifying gaps existing between theory and practice in tackling social, economic, and other problems. For e.g. in Nepal, sociologists have analyzed the Acts and laws against caste discrimination and its influence on real life.
  11. It helps to find the new social problems that society is likely to face.

Hence, it is acknowledged that sociology as a discipline has multi-faceted uses, significance, and benefits to understand and value ones worth and the society where we live. It has emerged as a discipline that not only identifies social problems but also provides measures to eliminate them, therefore promoting a harmonious society.

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