Selling Tips: A List Of 16 Easy Yet Useful Tips And Techniques

How To Make A Sale? 16 Easy Yet Useful Selling Tips For It

Sales or selling of what a business firm produces is one of the most important factors to boost up a firm’s life towards prosperity. When we see or heard of some great salesperson, we think about what types of sales or selling tips, techniques, or strategies he/she is employing.

There is no all-in-one selling tip, but you can combine one or more selling tips to make your sales activities more actionable and of course profitable.

Here, I have mentioned some of the useful selling tips/ways you can easily use to be a good salesperson and boost up your sales.

Selling Tips To Realize Sales Goals

Know What You Are Selling

The first and one of the best tips in selling anything to anyone is knowing what you are want to sell to the prospects. You should be well known about your offer.

The offer you give to the prospects, you should have all necessary information about your product. The benefits your product has, the uniqueness, for whom it is for, and all the relevant information your prospects may likely seek know before buying it.

You should ask yourself, what ingredient of my product is the best suit for my prospects? Always be fully prepared for your product.

Know To Whom You Are Selling

The next selling tip is knowing to whom you want to sell your products. In selling customers are always the first focus point to optimize the sales results.

To sell the products as a salesperson, know who are your customers and who will be your customers? For example, if you want to sell sports shoes, definitely your prospective customers are sportspersons, fitness lovers.

Be sure in yourself and your offer, always match the quality of product with the prospects likely desire and demand.

Sell Buyers A Solutin

It is interesting to hear, previously people used to buy products but nowadays people want to buy a solution. Today’s buyers are always solutions focused on their problems.

Sell solutions to the problems of buyers.

Prospect Time-To-Time

People, we people have a nature of following a change. We are changing from time to time. Even we are not the same person we were just a couple of minutes ago.

As a salesperson, you should always be ready to learn about the changing habits, preferences of your existing as well as potential consumers.

The results you get from prospects on this journey are the important ways to track the consumption point of prospects and which will let you make good sales decisions.

Sell Unique Yet Quality Products

The reason, intense competition has drastically changed the marketing of products as compared to the past marketing activities.

People are now not just need focusing rather are focusing on desire. People give preference to unique products and want to get the feeling of having quality products.


The unique and quality products have shown that the sales are increased by 3x as compared to the similar products available in the market.

Follow Up Quickly

Once you have made a sale, you may not be informed about the experience your prospect has got from your product. The experience (feedback) of your buyer on your product quality is a great indicator for you to improve later.

After closing a sale, try to know as – does your product meets the desire of your buyer, try to make a call to the buyer, ensure after-sale service, offer new schemes, etc.

As such, once you have got real feedback if the product has the quality to satisfy customers’ needs you can marketize your product to reach a larger number of customers. And, if the product doesn’t have such quality, you may enjoy a chance to improve your product.

Believe In Yourself

It is well-known fact, just imagine if you do not believe in yourself, do you think your customers will believe in you? Maybe not.

Be confident in yourself, learn and read selling tips, techniques, and strategies and read books on how to believe in yourself. If possible.

Be confident in front of prospects, say your words confidently, so that they believe in you and in your selling products.

Be Motivated

Motivation is an intense desire to do something with a clear vision. Always be motivated to your goal. Don’t wait for someone else to make you motivated.

It is your internal factor to make feel grateful also make you hopeful of achieving anything just by yourself with what you have. You can alone motivate yourself and achieve your goal.

Be Confident With Your Price

In selling, price is an important factor that has a great role, as it is a way of profit generation whereas for customers a way to make a purchase decision.

Customers will pay the right price for the right product. When customers feel they have cheated in the price of products they purchased. They definitely raise their voice on your product’s price.

So, set a price that is fair, reasonable, and acceptable. Whenever customers want to discuss your offerings price be ready and confidently silent them with full of reason and explanation.

Don’t Challenge Your Existing Customers

It is said that up to 60 to 70 percent of average sales are generated by the existing customers of the business firm. This indicates only 30-40 percent of sales are new customers going to give a firm.

When you do not concerned about the existing one, they may shift to a new seller, supplier, retailer, etc. since now the market has substitute products, more.

It shows, it is verily important to keep existing customers for the prosperity of the firm. And, also keep focusing on attracting new customers.

Help and Build Trust

Consumers may have different types of problems, they come up to you with a number of questions and queries.

The effort you make to solve their questions and queries is a great way to build trust with them. And, later the trust will be a great weapon to increase the acceptance of your products.

Use Marketing Mix

Since selling is a marketing term, the use of a marketing mix in order to boost sales, can not be avoided. It is a verily significant tool for any marketer, salesperson.

The components of the marketing mix are what make a marketer’s effort actionable and reachable. Its components product, price, place, promotion, people, process, and physical evidence should be employed in the best possible way.

The more efficiently these components are employed the more the result will be fruitful to you.

Keep The Pitch Simple

Your revenue source is customers, they are the ones whom you want to sell, while you present your sales they must be understood, what you have presented. If they don’t, your sales pitch is none of use.

The message you want to deliver through your sales pitch should be reachable to prospects. Some prospects may be literate while others maybe not.

So in addition, as your sales pitch is simple, also make sure it is responsive, the sense is, change your sales pitch as the prospects have the capacity to get your intention.

First Sell yourself

One of the interesting and important selling tips is selling first yourself. When you are selling products, you are not selling only the products of the business firm, you are also selling yourself.

Do rehearsal, practice selling yourself, practice the likely activities that may happen when you first meet your clients. When practicing, do you buy yourself? Funny, but a great way to sell your product.

Give Answer To “Why”

Why do I buy your product? Why I do not prefer other sellers’ products but yours? Why your product is different from your competitors? Why your product is unique? Why your product is inferior or superior to competitors? etc.

There may be lots of questions prospects ask you involving “why” on it. And, it is your responsivity to give a satisfactory answer to these questions.

Take Feedback As Opportunity

Here, I have got two saying for you. (for education purposes)

People will throw stones at you, don’t throw them back. Collect the stones and build an empire.

Einstein says, thanks to those who say no to my request, because of them I am able to do it myself.

I must say these (above mentioned) are not all the selling/sales tips and techniques. There will be more and more sales tips and techniques as per the product and market and salespeople. And, you can get the optimum results of your sales goals by employing the above one or more of 16 selling tips.

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