Introduction to presentation/ PowerPoint-Computer

Introduction to presentation/ PowerPoint & features

Ms-PowerPoint is presentation software developed by Microsoft. The user can make slides, design name, format them, set animation, set effect, set transition in either particular slide or all slides. This is mostly used in display project overview and display-making strategy etc.

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PowerPoint presentation is a way of attracting the audience towards views and arguments. It is one of the most helping factors behind success of every meeting. There are various uses of PowerPoint presentation.The most popular uses of PowerPoint presentation are in modern days learning,teaching sessions, business and marketing, etc.

Some features of PowerPoint

  • PowerPoint provides slideshow for the document.
  • It provides several types of transitions.
  • It provides multimedia production facilities.
  • Also, provides a presentation of documents in different formats.
  • Also, it provides a built-in wizard for designing slides.
  • Similarly, provides working with text and list such as placement, size, style of text, etc.
  • And, provides drawing tools such as arrows, brushes, etc.
  • And, provides animation with sound.
  • It provides a facility for importing an object from other application, etc.

Some terms used in Ms-PowerPoint

  • Slide
  • Presentation
  • Master slide
  • Slideshow
  • Slide transition
  • Animation


A slide is a document where all the contents of the presentation are written. It is just like a page of document or page of the slide show. A single page in the slideshow presentation is the slide.


A collection of more than one slide in a particular topic is presentation. So a presentation contains different objects,different animation, different transition, etc.

Master slide

This option used to apply common design style to all slides at a time by defining it at once. We can define background, slide number, etc. to that slide for producing the same effects to all slides.

Slide show

This option used to present the slides in fullscreen with different slides transition and animation effect.

Slide transition

It is how to slide presentation get from one slide tothe next slide during on screen. It is the special effects which appliedto the object in the slide.


It is the movement of objects which used applied to the attention of the users on specific information. It makes slides very effective.

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