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Introduction to presentation/ PowerPoint-Computer

PowerPoint presentation definition features

Introduction to presentation/ PowerPoint & features Ms-PowerPoint is presentation software developed by Microsoft. The user can make slides, design name, format them, set animation, set effect, set transition in either particular slide or all slides. This is mostly used in display project overview and display-making strategy etc. PowerPoint presentation is a way of attracting the … Read more

File Processing System or Traditional File Approach

file processing system problems

File Processing System or Traditional File Approach Definition & Problems Traditional file processing system was used to manage information. It stores data in various files of different application programs to extract or insert data to the appropriate file. This processing system has several drawbacks due to which database management system is required. A file is a … Read more

Formula and function in excel – data validation excel – ms excel

Formula and functions, types and Data Validation BBA | BBA-TT | BHCM Formula and functions and their types are given below: Formula The formula is a mechanism to process numeric data to give a specified result. The results are always formula oriented. If we are confused in the formula, we cannot get the correct answer. … Read more

Four Levels of Sheps Hobby – Compare and Contrast with Stickeen

Sheps Hobby four levels compare contrast between sheps hobby stickeen

Sheps Hobby Four Levels Four levels of the story Sheps Hobby are given below: Literal Comprehension In this story Sheps Hobby, James a narrator, a vet, a cow named Rose, and the dog named Shep. This starts when the narrator goes to Mr. Bailes’s house to treat Rose, she was suffering from stomach trouble of … Read more

King David’s Crime Four Levels – Adventures in English

king David crime four levels

Four Levels of King Davids Crime King Davids Crime four levels are mentioned below: Literal Comprehension The story ‘ King David’s Crime ‘ is taken from the Holy Bible. In this story, King David sends Joab into the battle with his commanders, and servants & he stays in Jerusalem. In the evening David arose from … Read more

Adventures in English I old questions and Business Result Answer Keys | Pokhara University

adventures in english question paper, business result answer keys

Adventures in English and Business Result Model Question Paper BBA | BBA-BI | BBA-TT | BHCM | BCIS | BHM 1st Semester Pokhara University’s Adventures in English I question paper and Business Result answer keys. Business Result student book answer keys and Practice file answer keys are below the picture. The student book answer keys … Read more

Spreadsheet – Ms-Excel Definition and Features and Cell Referencing

Spreadsheet & Cell Referencing BBA | BBA-TT | BHCM Spreadsheet A spreadsheet is a large sheet of papers with multiple rows and columns. It is a type of computerized ledger having the number of rows and columns. Ms-excel is a spreadsheet software or tool for the spreadsheet. The term spreadsheet refers to a large sheet … Read more

Definition and steps in creating Mail-Merge – Macro – and hyperlink in Ms word

definition steps mail merge macro hyperlink

Mail-merge, Macro handling, and Hyperlink BBA |BBA-TT | BHCM Mail-merge Word’s mail-merge feature helps in quickly creating documents by combining information from two different files. In mail-merge, you write a letter in one document, enter all your receptionist’s names and addresses in another, and merge the two to produce as many copies as needed. Mail … Read more

Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)

difference between object linking embedding ole

Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Definition, SImilarities and Differences Object linking and embedding (OLE) is Microsoft’s framework for compound document technology. Briefly, a compound document is something like a display desktop that can contain visual and information objects of all kinds: text, calendars, animations, sound and motion video, 3-D, continually updated news, controls, and so … Read more

Password protection on word document-How to customize MS Word

password protection word document customization ms word

Password Protection & customization of MS-WORD BBA | BBA-TT | BHCM The password protection on document & customization of MS-Word as follows: Steps to protecting on a document: At first, create a document. Then clock in the office button. Click on prepare and click Encrypt Document. Then type a required password. Re-enter the entered password. Again click … Read more