computer output devices

Output devices of computer and their functions

Output devices of the computer and their functions


Output device (devices)

The output device receives information from the computer and provides them to the users. The computer sends information to the output devices in the binary coded form. The output devices convert them into a form such as printed form or display on a screen, which can be used by the users. The commonly used output devices are monitor and printer. Types of outputs,

Soft copy output

A softcopy output is an output which is not produced on a paper or some materials which can not be touched or carried for being shown to others. They are in temporary in nature and vanish after use. For e.g. output display by a monitor is a softcopy output.

Hard copy output

It is an output which is produced on a paper or some materials which can be touched or carried for being shown to others. They are permanent in nature and can be looked later when the person is not using the computer. For e.g. output produced by the printer is a hard copy output.

Types of hardcopy output

1. Monitoroutput devices monitor

Monitors are the most popular output devices used today for producing a soft copy output. The monitor is often called a visual display unit or visual display terminal. The two basic types of monitor used today are CRT and flat panel display.

Monitor that looks like a TV screen uses a CRT technology in which image is formed by an electron shooting stream of an electron at the screen. In a color monitor, there are three guns corresponding to the three primary colors red, green and blue combined to produce various screen colors.

The flat panel display is thinner, lighter and is commonly used with a portable computer system. As compared CRT monitor, flat panel consumes less electricity, less space and are more expensive. The flattest panel used LCD technology. LCD technology is used by portable which requires less power but for a large monitor, this technology is not suitable. Hence, for a large monitor plasma display technology is used.

2. Printersprinter machine output devices

Printers are commonly used output devices. They provide information in permanent readable form. They produced the printed output of results, programs, and data. The output of a printer is often called hard copy. Its also includes as impact and non-impact printer. They are:




Impact printer

The impact printers are an electromechanical mechanism that causes hammers or pins to strike against a ribbon and a paper to print the text. They are noisier kinds of printers. The output of this printer is low and slow as compared to a non-impact printer.

Non-impact printer

The non-impact printer refers to those printers that do not use electromechanical printing head to strike against a ribbon and a paper. The quality of this printer is very high. They are less noisy also faster than impact printer.

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