6 Steps Organizational Development Process [OD Process] – Explained

Organizational Development Process

Organizational development (OD) is a long-run plan whose motive is to improve the overall efficiency of the organization. To complete the organizational development process a series of steps need to follow. The steps of the OD process include:

  • Identification of problems
  • Collection of data and information
  • Feedback and confrontation
  • Preparation of action plans
  • Intervention
  • Evaluation

Step 1: Identification of Problems

The initial stage in the process of organizational development is to identify the problems which are necessary to change. For identification of the real cause of problems, the top-level management can take support from consultants having expertise in the concerned area of knowledge.

The identification of the root cause reason of problems in performance helps to take remedial measures.

Step 2: Collection of Data and Information

Management needs to collect data and information about working environments and problems in organizational performance.

The method of collecting information may be an interview, questionnaire, or direct observation of the behavior and perception of employees. It helps to find out the gap between actual activity and the standard expected.

Step 3: Feedback and Confrontation

After collecting data and information relating to problems and prospects another important part of the organizational development process is to analyze data systematically.

A summary of data should prepare to know about the feedback of the study. The summary of data should manage constructively to minimize confrontation among the related members.

Step 4: Preparation of Action Plans

A detailed plan is to be prepared to solve problems. A team should involve in managing the problems in the course of planned change.

The team is involved in generations of alternatives, evaluation of impacts, and recommendations for a change in the organization. For this purpose, detailed plans need to prepare.

Step 5: Intervention

Organizational development focuses on human and social interactions to overcome resistance to change. Managers can use various techniques to bring change to organizational performance.

These activities involve sensitivity training, survey feedback, process consultation, the formation of the team, intergroup development, counseling, and coaching. Such activities help to develop the attitude and behavior of employees from accepting change.

Step 6: Evaluation

Evaluation is the last step in the OD process. Organizational development is the continuous process up to the functioning of the organization.

The outcome of OD efforts needs to be evaluated to review their impact on organizational performance and effectiveness. It is helpful for further action planning and interventions for better performance in the future.

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