An example of organizational behavior

Organization and Organizational Behavior (OB)

Organization and Organizational Behavior


In short, Organization and organizational behavior are interrelated to each other. It is because an organizational behavior is the part of the organization. To exist OB at first there is a need of an organization. Therefore to know about the OB at first we have to know about what is organization and its natures.

Definition of organization: doing organizational activity

An organization is a form of every human association for the attainment of a common purpose. Also, it is a social unit where many people attain to accomplish a common goal. In an organization, there are different types of people comes to attain some activities that an organization has to do. As they come different culture, ethnicity, society and so on. And it also helps them interact with employee’s as well as an organization.


Some common natures of organization:

  • A definite purpose
  • A consensus among the member
  • Harmony between statuses and roles
  • Control of the organization on the behavior of the individuals


1. A definite purpose

An organization has its own purpose. For example, the bank as an organization.

2. A consensus among the member

The smooth running of an organization depends much on the mutual understanding, cooperation and consensus among its members.

3. Harmony between statuses and roles

An organization is understood as a mechanism that brings different people together into a network of interaction to perform different functions.

4. Control of the organization on the behavior of the individuals

The organization maintains its control over the behavior of its members and regulates their activities.


Types of organization:

Generally, the organization has two types, first formal organization, and another informal organization.

  • Formal Organization
  • Informal organization


1. Informal Organization

In simple words, an informal organization has a lack of rules and regulations. Informal organizations refer to a small group the member of which are tied to one another as persons. The group also characterized by informal and face to face relations, mutual aid, cooperation, and companionship. Gangs, peer group, bands, etc, are examples of informal organization.



4. Formal Organizationpicture of bank

In or a formal organization there is the use of rules and regulations. It represents those organizations which are characterized by a specific function, division of labor, a hierarchy of authority, rationality and a proper arrangement of statuses and roles.


Today our lives revolve more and more around formal organizations. Which may be defined as, “large secondary groups organized to achieve their goals efficiently.” It operates in a deliberate way, not to meet personal needs but to accomplish or fulfill complex jobs.


Definition of Organizational Behavior (OB)Shaking hands

Organizational Behavior is an abstract word because it provides a particular name and it has different meanings. Where abstract is a word which we cannot touch for e.g. Government, Family, Society, Love, Emotion, Feelings and so on but they have different meanings. Organizational behavior is a management function, which has the aim to improve organizational performance.

For example, managing resources, recruitment, marketing, organizational programs, also known as organizational behavior.


On the above, we have discussed the organization is a collection of people where they come from different places. Between them, the organization helps to build link, network and makes interrelationship.


Organizational behavior is known as managing organizational behaviors as well as activities. As we know that, a formal organization is controlled by a manager, who has power over the organization. Therefore, maybe OB based on the manager. If the manager is skillful and creative, organizational behavior turns towards the growth of the business. Similarly, if there is passive manager OB’s output be less. In an organization mainly OB considered or defined as the study of people as well as employee and their interaction activity within the organization.


The main objective of the OB is to effective use of those resources which is in the organization. It deals with the organization’s employee to move them to do work to achieve certain targeted goals. In this way, it increases the productivity of the particular organization.


OB also defines as the use of scientific methods to controls or maintain as well as manage certain activities of the organization such as activities of workers. It is because it has certain aims.


In conclusion, maybe we will say an organizational performance depends towards the good manager as there is a mutual relationship. It influences organizational behavior. As result to the good behavior of organizational peoples, their OB will be also improved.

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