On The Eve of His Execution – Poem

On The Eve of His Execution Four Levels

Four levels of the poem On The Eve of His Execution are as follows:

Literal Comprehension

“On The Eve of His Execution” is a beautiful poem or letter written by Chidiock Tichborne. Here, Queen Eliza is preparing the death penalty for the writer.

This is a letter written by the poet to his wife before one day of his execution i.e. he is 20 years old and 20 years one day will be his last day.

In the letter, he writes his thoughts, although I am young but not happy. My cornfield is full of weeds. Now my glass is full and now full glass runs out.

I see the sun at night. Now I am alive and now my life is done. I looked for life and saw it was a shade. I trod the death and knew it was my tomb.


This poem reflects the importance of life in front/ mouth of death and the autocratic nature of Government. It says at the end of life people recall their past life’s beautiful events.

It also says, in front of death people do and think unexpected things that they never thought before.

Critical Thinking

Although the poem is quite beautiful and I personally thought people really do unexpected things in front of death.

However, some questions may be asked about this poem,

  • How is it possible having a death in life?
  • Is it possible to believe full of glass runs out at the same time?
  • How is it possible for the poet to see the sun after passing the day?


When I read this poem “On The Eve of His Execution” it reminds me of my past life event, when I visited my suffering grandmother at the hospital, she was also telling unexplainable things.

At that time I thought she is telling nonsense things but now I realized she was right.

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