NEB Class 12 Grade Increment Examination 2080: Updated Notice

Are you looking for how to apply for your NEB 12th class grade increment examination? You are at the right place. In this article we will cover this, so let’s start.

NEB Class 12 Grade Increment 2080

On the 30th Shrawan, 2080 B/S (15 August 2023), the National Examination Board (NEB) published the result of class 12, You can check here the result. But, in this article, we will discuss the NEB class 12 grade increment (supplementary) exam update 2080. So let’s get started.

The National Examination Board (NEB) has recently announced important notice about incrementing grades for students who took the Grade 12 exams in the year 2080. This announcement was made on the 30th of Shrawan, 2080. And, again the updated notice is published on Bhadra, 19.

If you are a regular student and scored at least a grade of D in your main subjects, you can apply for extra exams to improve your grades. The NEB has made it clear that if you got a “Not Graded” mark in a maximum of two subjects or scored a grade of D or better in your other main subjects, you can also take part in these chance exams.

Note This: NEB has further included, students who get NG in 2 subjects will be eligible to participate in NEB’s 12th-grade increment exam. And, students with NG in more than 3 subjects will have to take an exam next year (will have to give only NG subjects).

NEB 12th Grade Increment 2080: Date & Time

The NEB has made clear that the grade increment exam for the 12th class will be held on the Asoj 6th, 2080, and Asoj 7th 2080. Below is the more clear detail.

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NEB 12 Grade Increment Exam 2080 Details:

  • Grade Increment Examination Date: Ashoj 9, 2080 (26 September 2023) and Ashoj 10, 2080 (27 September 2023)
  • Examination Time: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Application Form Fee: Rs. 600 for normal and Rs. 1200 late fee.

Examination Dates & Subjects:

1.) First Date: 2080 Ashoj 9 (Tuesday)

  • Compulsory English (0041).
  • All subjects for candidates appearing in only one subject.
  • For those taking two exams, the subject with the smaller code number will be on this day. For example, if you are taking both Compulsory English and Compulsory Nepali exams, English will be held on the initial day, and Nepali will be scheduled for the following day.

2.) Last Date: 2080 Ashoj 10 (Wednesday)

For candidates appearing in two subjects, the subject with the larger code number.

Application Form Deadline:

NEB has stated that to participate NEB 12 class grade increment examination 2080 students should deposit Rs. 600, a normal fee within Bhadra 22, 2080. And, students who apply for grade increments after this date will have to pay Rs. 1200 and the time is stated as 29th Bhadra, 2080.

  • Normal Fee: Within Bhadra 22, 2080
  • Late Fee: Within Bhadra 29, 2080

Eligibility for NEB 12th Grade Increment Exam 2080

Grade 12 regular examinees with at least a D grade in all subjects, who were absent or received an NG (Not Graded) result, can join the grade improvement exam. Notably, students with 2 NGs are eligible for the exam, while those with over 3 NGs must retake the exam for those subjects next year.

Important Notice:

  1. The supplementary exam will take place over two days.
  2. Students taking only one subject will have their exam on the first day.
  3. On the initial day, the Compulsory English (0041) exam will be held.
  4. No special provisions for students who miss their scheduled exams.
  5. Exams will proceed according to the schedule, even on emergency holidays, unless otherwise notified.
  6. Candidates must bring necessary materials such as graph paper, log tables, Goshwara Voucher, etc.
  7. The usage of electronic devices like mobile phones and smartwatches is prohibited.
  8. Details about the examination centers will be provided later, and exams must be taken at the assigned center.
  9. Visit the National Examination Board Website,, for a comprehensive list of Class 12 subjects and their codes.

How To Check NEB 12th Result 2080?

If you still have not checked the NEB 12th result 2080, you can check it by following give ways. Or, visit:-

  1. Website: Visit and put in the necessary information.
  2. SMS: Type NEB give space, and type Symbol No. and send it to 1600.
  3. IVR: Dial Nepal Telecom’s number 1601 and follow the provided instructions.
  4. USSD: Dial *1601#, follow the given instructions, and get your 12th result. Status (Old Notice)

For verification, you can also check the official notice of NEB about the 12th-grade increment 2080. Status (New Notice)

NEB Class 12 Grade Increment Exam 2080: FAQs

Let’s look at some frequently asked questions about the NEB 12th class grade increment exam 2080.

When Will be the NEB 12th Grade Increment Examination 2080 Taken?

NEB stated that the 12th Grade Increment Examination will be held on Asoj 9th and 10th day of 2080.

What is the Fee for the NEB 12th Grade Increment Examination 2080?

The normal fee for NEB 12th grade increment exam is Rs. 600 and the late fee will be Rs. 1200.

When is the Last day to Apply for NEB 12th Class Grade Increment?

To be eligible to participate in NEB 12th Grade Increment Exam 2080, you should apply within Bhadra 22, and in late within Bhadra 29, 2080.

How To Apply for NEB 12th Grade Increment Exam 2080?

Go to your school/college and submit your 12th-grade increment examination form with a bank voucher in NEB’s respective office within the 31st Bhadra, 2080.

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