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3 Managerial skills importance in organization

Importance and types of managerial skills in an organization

Managerial skills

Skills are defined as ability or proficiency to do something within an acceptable standard. Management job is different from other jobs. In organization managerial skills comes with the manager which refers to an ability to do his or her best work regarding the organization. In other words, managerial skill is an ability of the manager in performing a particular task.

It requires elements of stewardship and commitment to the purpose. Also, it involves the obligation to make prudent use of human and material resources. It requires sound judgment to handle complex situations. Further, the nature of the job becomes increasingly complex at each higher level because of the increase in the scope of authority and responsibility. Therefore, each higher level requires increased knowledge, broader perspective, and greater skills.

The managerial skills are three types

  • Conceptual Skills
  • Human skills
  • Technical skills

managerial skills diagramConceptual skills

Conceptual skills involve the mental ability of the manager to coordinate the interests and activities of the organization. It refers to the ability to understand the environmental context influencing the business activities of the organization. Managers also need to look for opportunities in the changing environment and develop strategic plans to capitalize on such opportunities. Every manager must have a clear vision and concept about the policies, planning and other activities of the organization. Generally, top-level managers require a high degree of conceptual skills while other level managers also necessitate enough amounts of conceptual skills.

Human skillsmanagerial skills human skill

Human behavior is the most complex aspect of management. Every manager must have good knowledge of communication, motivation, leadership, grievance handling and conflict management. A manager should have ideas to communicate effectively with followers and immediate superiors. A manager with ample human skill can lead subordinates and successfully manage the groups and coordinate them effectively. Managers can acquire human skills through education and training. These functions are equally important in each level of organization. Thus, human skills are required equally for all managers in every organization for effective and efficient operation.

Technical skills

Technical skills are abilities to perform a specialized task under the scope of responsibility. These are related to handling some mechanical devices and technology. Handling machines, preparing daily work schedule, supervising employees, team formation and mobilizing performance appraisal, preparing reports, motivating employees, etc. are important technical skills. Technical skills are mostly required for operating level managers though they are important for middle and top-level managers as well.

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