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Management Notes: A Complete Chapter-Wise Notes on Management Subject

Management Notes (Chapter Wise)

Management is the art of managing people and materials in an organizational setting. In this article, we have made a complete list of management notes.

In this, management note article, we have included the topics like what is management, what is planning, what is controlling, organization, manager, leadership, motivation, and many more.

In most universities, the management subject is studied as the Principles of Management, so it would not be a mistake if we rename it as the Principles of Management Notes.

Now let’s look at complete chapter-wise notes on management. Note: to access the information, click on each of the links you want to further know about.

Chapter 1: The Nature of Management

The first chapter of Principles of Management Subject includes the topics like definition, characteristics of management, principles of management, process, and functions of management, managerial hierarchy and levels, managerial skills, and roles, emerging issues and challenges for management, management theories, and environmental context to management.

Here is the link to these topics of the management subject.

Introduction To Management:

Management Theories:

Chapter 2: Planning and Decision Making

The second chapter of Principles of Management includes topics like mentioned below:

Organizational Goal Setting:

Planning in Management:

Decision-Making in Management:

Chapter 3: Organizational Structure and Staffing

Management Notes: The third chapter of the subject principles of management include the topics like organizational structure and staffing.

The followings are the topics in management’s 3rd chapter.

Organizing in Management:

Organizational Structure and Design:


Staffing in Management:

Chapter 4: Leadership, Work Teams, Motivation, Conflict, and Communication

Management Notes: In the fourth chapter of the subject Management the topics include leadership, work teams, motivation, organizational conflict, and organizational communication.

Leadership in Management:

Managing Teams and Groups in Management:

Motivation in Management:

Conflict in Management:

Communication in Management:

Chapter 5: Management Control System

Management Notes: In the fifth chapter of the subject principles of management topics include related to control systems and quality control.

Control System in Management:

Quality Management:

Chapter 6: Organizational Change and Development

The sixth chapter is the last chapter in our list of chapter-wise notes on management subjects. It includes the topics of organizational change and organizational development.

Organizational Change in Management:

Organizational Development (OD) in Management:

In conclusion, the above-mentioned are the most common topics that are studied within the Management Subject. But, these are not all, there are many more. We will continuously add new topics in this management notes article. If possible, keep visiting us.

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