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Intranet & Extranet deinition

Introduction to Intranet

The private network structure is an intranet where extranet is also similar to intranet but it has specific linked people. An intranet may exist as LAN or WAN or other forms. Also, it is a secured isolated private network structure only by using the “Firewall” techniques. Similarly, it is a most useful network for sharing the information within the organization.

The intranet is a privately owned organizational network which uses the same protocols as used in the internet to share files and e-mails. An intranet is cut off from the outside world. It permits its user to access internal files but it prevents outside access to internal files by hiding behind a security system known as a firewall. Using intranet, organizational poicies are secured from hackers and other organization.

Some advantages of intranet

  • Better internal communication.
  • Improve customer services.
  • Reduction in paperwork.
  • E-mail.
  • Document management.
  • Sharing of resources and best practices, etc.

Introduction to Extranet

An extranet is similar to an intranet but it is made accessible to selected external partners such as business partners, suppliers, key customers for exchanging data and application and sharing information. As with intranet, an extranet can also provide remote to corporate systems for staff that spend lots of time out of the office for instance those in sales or customer support or home workers.

Extranet users should be a well-defined group and access must be protected by identification routines and security features. Extranet offers a cheap and efficient way for the business to connect with their trading partners can lead to an enhanced business relationship and help to integrate your business firm within their supply chain.

An extranet is a private network that securely shares information using the same protocols as used on the internet with its business partners. An extranet is securely exposed over the internet to a specific group that needs to access it. Extranets are powerful tools because they let business partner share resources on their private network. It is generally used in e-commerce.

Advantages of extranet

  • Reduction in cost.
  • Improve business relationship.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Flexible.
  • Shared news of product development.
  • More integrated supply chain.

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