The Initiative Principle of Management [Explained]

What is Initiative Principle of Management?

The principle of initiative means letting employees take action, and employing their new ideas while accomplishing given duties.

This principle states that a manager should provide his employees an opportunity to take initiative actions by themselves and share their suggestions in planning because no employees want suggestions or disturbance for minor technical work.

When employees are given this initiative, they further develop a new way to do the same task that the manager would not have imagined. When employees are given priorities while setting organizational plans, goals, and policies, they feel valued and obliged as if it is their own plan and they devote their maximum efforts to complete it.

The manager should think employees’ concerns are necessary for the effective execution of plans. They should be given priority to exercise freedom of judgment and execution of plans. It helps employees do the work in their own way, they feel satisfied with the management, the organization becomes more interesting, increases productivity, and further helps to create new effective plans.

Positive of initiative principle:

  • Employees’ belongingness is increased by management.
  • Employees’ concerns are noticed, and as a result, they feel valued.
  • Employee motivation increases.
  • Enhancement in employees’ performance and the generation of new ideas are realized.
  • Efficient achievement of organizational goals.
  • The burden on the manager has been reduced as employees are influenced to take initiation.

Results of not following initiative principle:

  • As employees do not get an opportunity to participate in important meetings they do not feel valued, and the employee’s motivation, satisfaction, and belongingness decrease.
  • They do not give their full potential as they sense the formulated plans do not involve their concerns or are opposite of their objectives.
  • Makes difficult to achieve organizational goals as employees do want to commit their efforts.
  • Conflicts of interest arise between managers and employees.

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