9 Importance of Organizing Function of Management

Importance of Organizing

Organizing is an important function of management. May, you wonder, why organizing is important? The major importance of organizing can be pointed out below:

  • Efficient and effective management
  • Facilitates specialization
  • Avoids overlapping and duplication
  • Optimum use of human resources
  • Defines authority responsibility relationship
  • Basis of coordination
  • Establishes channels of communication
  • This leads to growth and diversification
  • Productivity and job satisfaction

Efficient and Effective Management

One importance of organizing is that it helps to create an efficient and effective organizational structure within the organization. An honest organizational structure is the first requirement of efficient management. it’s a system through which a manager directs, control, and coordinates business activities.

A sound organizational structure provides a framework and foundation for efficient management. It helps to avoid confusion and delays in work.

Facilitates Specialization

Another importance of organizing is to facilitate specialization. A sound organizational structure helps to develop specialization among the workers. It takes care of the division and sub-division of varied sorts of work among managers and subordinates.

This division and classification of labor cause the event of specialization among the workers. the event of specialization helps to develop the working efficiency of workers.

Avoids Overlapping and Duplication

Organizing helps to avoid overlap and duplication of efforts. within the process of arranging, work is split into many departments, sections, and individuals.

This helps to avoid duplication and overlaps of activities and efforts. Thus, a sound organizational structure results in the cheap, efficient, and effective functioning of the enterprise.

Optimum Use of Human Resources

Humans are the most elements of a corporation to mobilize other resources. A sound organizational structure ensures the proper person at the proper job. It also helps to develop human talent and intelligence.

It helps to match a private for his job. For this purpose, it makes the supply of promotion, training, workshop, supervision, etc. develop the efficiency of workers.

Defines Authority Responsibility Relationship

An honest organizational structure clearly defines the authority-responsibility relationship among all members. The clarification of it brings smoothness to the organizational performance.

It develops a sense of self-responsibility among the members. It also helps to develop mutual affection among the members. it’s essential to develop an honest working environment within the enterprise.

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Basis of Coordination

Another importance of organizing is that it facilitates coordination. it’s referred to as important means of coordination among various departments and persons of the enterprise.

It defines the formal relationship among various management levels and helps to make sure mutual cooperation among them. It develops the sensation of solidarity among the members to realize common objectives.

Establishes Channel of Communication

An honest organizational structure clarifies the channels of communication through the scalar chain. Clear communication among the member is the basis of the effective completion of defined objectives.

Besides, it’s one of the important means to develop a person’s relationship and mutual affection among the members.

Leads To Growth and Diversification

Organizing results in the growth and diversification of the business activities of an enterprise. It provides a framework within which an enterprise can expand and grow its business. It helps to stay in control of the varied activities of the enterprise.

Organizing creates more departments, and a wider span of management, and provides better communication, which is important for the expansion and expansion of the business.

Productivity and Job Satisfaction

Last but not least, organizing importance increases productivity and job satisfaction. It creates an honest working environment within the enterprise. It creates such an environment where people can perform their job efficiently. Besides, it promotes efficient development programs like training, workshops, seminar, etc. This helps to extend the talents of employees and ultimately to productivity.

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