8 Major Importance of Organizational Behavior

Importance of Organizational Behavior (OB)

The study of organizational behavior has significant importance to organizations. Organizational behavior is the act of studying employee (people) interaction in the workplace.

Through the study of OB, a manager is able to find why and how his employee’s behavior is, in return, he is able to develop a better connection between them and the organization.

Organizational behavior is important to understand the behavior of the organization and its people in better ways. Some of the main importance of organizational behavior can be presented in the following points.

Understand Organization and Employee

Understanding an organization and its employee is the first importance of organizational behavior. It helps to understand them in a better way.

While understanding them the OB works through three purposes,

  • What causes behavior?
  • Why do particular backgrounds cause behavior?
  • Which backgrounds of behavior can be controlled directly and which are beyond the control?

Once their behaviors are understood, it makes it easy to make a friendly and cordial relationship between the employees and organizations (managers) creating a proper working environment.

Motivate Employees

It is obvious that motivated employees always work more. It is the prime duty of all managers to make their employees motivated and devote their 100% efforts to the organization’s achievement.

By studying and understanding the behavior of every employee OB comes out with the facts consisting of what causes employees to perform below, what measures are required to motivate them, and how they give their best efforts.

Since every employee’s behavior is understood, OB helps managers to apply appropriate motivational tools and techniques with respect to them.

Good Workplace Relationships

One of the main objectives of OB is to create peace and harmony in the organization. It is a human tool for human benefits. Its knowledge is used for benefiting people.

It is necessary to build a good relationship in the workplace yet it is a challenging task for managers. A good relationship can be developed at the workplace when the interest of employees and the organization matches.

Organizational behavior does exactly the same – it understands the root cause of an employee’s behavior, effects, predict, even controls some consequences, matches the interest of employees with the organizational goals, and forms productive relationship within the organization.

Predict and Control Human Behavior

Since OB is understanding, predicting, and controlling people’s behavior in organizational settings. One of the main importance of studying organizational behavior is to know how to predict and control people’s behavior in an organization.

When it is done properly it brings effectiveness to the organization in turn the organization is in a position to achieve its productivity. As human behavior changes frequently and is affected by various factors a manager needs to carefully study the past, present, and likely behavior of his employees and make decisions relevantly.

In addition, the knowledge of organizational behavior becomes a foundation for a person who wants to assume managerial jobs and succeed as a good manager.

Effective Utilization of Human Resources

Human resources (employees) devote their full effort when they feel valued, motivated, and praised for what they contribute. OB is regarded as an important tool for the effective utilization of human resources in organizational settings.

The knowledge of OB helps managers how to manage people effectively in an organization, how to inspire, how to motivate. The effectiveness of human resources allows managers to get high productivity. It also guarantees the success of the organization in the achievement of its goals.

Ensures Effective Communication

Communication is an essential part of the organization even effective communication is the most for the proper flow of information within the organization.

Since OB is goal-directed a manager needs to communicate with employees regularly, effectively, and in an understandable way. It helps employees to understand exactly what the manager is saying, their duties, and roles, as a result, they can easily discharge their duties.

Ethical Workplace Practices

Organizational behavior also ensures ethical practices at the workplace. The study of OB also helps to check the unethical and malpractices in the workplace settings.

As unethical or malpractices are out of the OB’s principles it strongly avoids such practices. It promotes maintaining ethical practices and integrity in organizational settings.

Boost Performance

Last but not least, OB also helps to boost the performance of the organization. The above-mentioned points are evidence that organizational behavior boosts the performance and productivity of the organization.

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