How to Set Up Main Objectives of Internet Marketing?

Implementing a Digital Marketing strategy, you should not use only one tool. Combining tools effectively will help you easily achieve your business goals. So what goals will each tool serve? How to set the main goal/objectives of Internet Marketing, let’s find out together!

Overview of Digital Marketing

Internet Marketing is also known as digital marketing. These are activities carried out to promote products/services on digital platforms to reach and retain customers. These activities have clear goals and specific performance measures.

Digital Marketing is used by businesses with the desire to increase awareness, build brands and increase sales. Digital Marketing is different from traditional marketing in that it operates on a digital technology (Digital) platform. And performance is measurable with clear metrics.

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5 main goals of digital marketing strategy

When implementing a Digital Marketing strategy, each business has different goals. However, in the end, Digital Marketing strategies are all about 5 main goals:

  • Reach the right target audience of the business
  • Effective customer acquisition
  • Urging users to perform a specific conversion behavior
  • Balance your marketing campaign budget
  • Achieve high ROI

Objectives of some tools used in Digital Marketing strategy

Today, the world is changing rapidly thanks to the outstanding development of information technology. As more and more users approach digital technology, the application of Digital Marketing is considered a decisive action to the success of a business.

But you see, the goal of Digital Marketing is not just about reaching potential customers. But there are many other goals expressed in each specific strategy and tool.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a simple, effective, and economical Digital Marketing tool. This is a very commonly used tool in the digital marketing strategies of businesses.

When conducting an Email Marketing campaign, businesses often aim for the following goals:

  • Brand promotion: By providing products/services and brands directly to users’ Email addresses. Even if they do not intend to open the Email. Then with a creative title, you have also conveyed the necessary message. And can attract users’ attention and urge them to send Emails.
  • Finding customers: Like other Digital Marketing tools, Email Marketing is not outside the goal of finding customers. And compete with other competitors for customers to choose their brand.
  • Customer care: Email Marketing is the ideal tool for Digital Marketing strategy to take care of customers. Especially loyal customers who send promotional emails, discount codes, coupons, gratitude or provide useful information…
  • Send event invitations: When there is an event you can send an email to invite them to attend. This shows the most polite and elegant. Make customers feel respected by the brand.
  • Receive feedback from customers: With the “reply” button in Email, customers can quickly send suggestions or questions to the business. From there, businesses can easily access the most sincere opinions from customers.
  • Build lasting relationships with customers: Email marketing can be aimed at many goals. In which, the biggest goal is to build a good and sustainable relationship with customers. Make them sympathize and trust your brand effectively.


SEM or Search Engine Marketing includes activities carried out to achieve high website traffic on search engines.

Many people often misunderstand SEO as SEM. But actually, SEM has a broader meaning and includes SEO in it. SEM consists of two main parts: SEO and PPC. To better understand and aim to use SEM in Digital Marketing strategy. Let’s explore the goal of the word section where SEO and PPC are.

Goals when using SEO

  • Increase traffic to your website in both quality and quantity.
  • Direct users to access the Web site directly from search sites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing,…
  • Make your website appear in the Top 10 search engines. This is also a premise for you to achieve the above 2 goals.
  • And finally, the goal of promoting the brand and improving sales is indispensable.

Goals when using PPC

  • Increase traffic to your business website.
  • Increase the floating rate, improve the number of products/services sold.
  • Promote the brand widely
  • Improve business profitability by selling more products and getting more customers.

Social Media

Similar to other digital marketing strategy tools. Social Media is also used for many different purposes by businesses. Whether it’s building, strengthening the brand, or increasing sales.

  • Promote interaction between users and users and between customers and businesses.
  • Improve the ranking of the Website by Sharing on social networking sites.
  • Make the image of the brand appear more often and reach more users. Thereby turning potential customers into real customers of the business.
  • Interactive buttons on social networks can make your information reach more users. Specifically, your customers’ friends can see and interact with the content you post.
  • Social Media can act as a support and customer care channel.

Online Advertising

Like other forms of advertising, Online Advertising is used in Digital Marketing strategies to convey information about products/services, discounts, coupons to customers. At the same time narrowing the gap between customers and businesses. However, unlike some other forms of advertising, Online Advertising allows users to interact with ads or interact quickly and easily with businesses.

Online Advertising allows businesses to precisely target the target audience they want to target. From there, the messages will be conveyed to the right people. At the same time, businesses can conduct advertising according to the interests and needs of consumers.

The goal when applying Online Advertising to Digital Marketing strategy is ultimately to reach and turn potential customers into real customers for the business. But to achieve this big goal, first of all, Online Advertising needs to complete smaller goals such as:

  • Widespread dissemination of products/services, brands
  • Understanding users
  • Listen to the voice of the customer…

Mobile Marketing

This is a fairly new trend for many businesses. But Mobile Marketing promises to be a useful tool for businesses’ Digital Marketing strategies in the future.

Today, mobile networks along with smart devices appear more and more widely and are widely applied in our lives. This is an opportunity for businesses to deploy Mobile Marketing campaigns towards important goals such as:

  • Marketing to different target customer groups thanks to the ability to personalize.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Building a database on top of that are key customer concerns.
  • Informing and directing customers’ interest to specific events or activities of the business.
  • Build customer loyalty to your brand or product.
  • The ultimate and most important goal is to increase the sales of the business.


Through the goals of some of the above Digital Marketing tools, hopefully, you have a better understanding of them. And know how to choose the most suitable tool for your business’s Digital Marketing strategy. 

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