How To Make A Good First Impression With The Prospects?

13 Easy Ways To Make A Good First Impression With Potential Customers

It is certain that when you first meet someone, you are going to make two sorts of impressions, first is a good impression and second is a bad impression. It is only 5 seconds or less someone evaluates you when you first meet them based on your appearance, language, acting, etc.

In the selling journey, the same also happens. When you first meet your prospects (potential customers) you are about to give your first impression to them. Based on your first impression the prospects would decide you and your offer really worth their time and money.

Remember “First Impression Is The Last Impression”, may not be all the time but when you fail to make a good first impression it is very hard to do it later. As a result, you will miss a lot of deals.

So it is necessary, you should make your first impression good with potential clients so as to get more customers and close more deals and of course to earn more sales revenue. But how? Let’s discuss some tips and ways you can make a good first impression as a seller with the prospects in your selling journey.

Homework is Necessary

It is all of us experience, in our school days when we have had some homework to do. While doing homework we used to read books, and articles, and try to collect other necessary information in order to do homework, as to show hard work to the teacher.

When we do homework regularly, we get to get new knowledge and it helps to generate new ideas as such the teacher has a good impression on us.

Similarly, before visiting the prospect it is essential to study the customers by including the factors such as income level, location, job profile, habits of spending, etc. The better we are able to get insights and knowledge of the prospect, the better we are going to make a good first impression.

Be Prepared for Your Offer

When you are meeting with your potential customers, you better be fully prepared for your offer (product/service). The benefits your offer has for prospects, the uniqueness you offer, the quality, etc.

If you do not know about yourself, how do you introduce yourself? Similarly, if you do not know what you are going to offer your prospects, how do you introduce your offer to them?

Dress Up Appropriately

For making a great first impression you also have to dress up appropriately. The dress you have worn while making a conversation with the clients has a great extent to affect the psychology of clients.

As a salesperson, you should wear your dress based on your occupation, size, status, culture, etc. so that just by looking at you someone will recognize who you are. While dressing up for yourself, you should not forget the social status and culture of customers.

Be Confident

To do anything self-confidence is required. The lack of self-confidence makes no one believe in you. I personally analyze in any program, the presenter’s confidence. I thought the person who confidently presents their matter is well prepared and intelligent, and who shows a lack of confidence is one who is less intelligent and is not prepared.

In selling, while first contacting the prospects you should have to maintain your confidence because at the first meeting, the prospect is going to trust you only through the level of confidence you show.

Be On Time

Do what you tell. People now are too busy in their own business. When you are going to meet a prospect for the first time make sure you go on time.

Even, it is better for you to arrive at the meeting place before a couple of minutes. Arriving early is always better than arriving late, and is a great way you can make your first impression good with that prospect.

Be Who They Are

Being a salesperson you may not always understand the real need of the prospects. Sometimes also try to be a prospect you are going to meet.

It is well known that most ordinary prospects do not share their interests with the sellers when they first meet. They may have a fear or they may think negatively.

When you put yourself in the shoes of your prospects, you will better know who actually are your prospects are. When you are the same person as they are you are about to build a good mutual bond.

Always Be Positive

Positive thoughts give a positive life, so always be positive. When you first meet with the prospects they may act abnormally. It happens. They may be frightened of you, or they are going through their problems.

Try to understand, why do they act in such a way. Rather just moving towards another prospect. Moreover, get close to them, understand their problems, and make an effort to resolve such problems.

Be Open

Be open with your thoughts, body, language, and voice. Customers will analyze how openly you share your thoughts with them.

While introducing your product you need to be freely told what you want to tell, try to keep them in check. And, open a door for the prospects to share their thoughts, and how they feel about you.

Use Humor

When you start your conversation with a humoristic story you are likely to get the full attention of your potential customers as compared to just starting a conversation.

People need entertainment, and to prove this, just see the videos on YouTube. A comedy video always gets more views than a video that is about an educational purpose or starting a business.

When you are able to make even a small smile on the face of that prospect, you will definitely be going to build a good impression and build an excellent relationship.

Tell a Story of a Satisfied Customer

When you are making a great first impression with the prospects, you are on a journey to make such prospects as your customers. While starting the conversation tell how you convinced your previous prospect to use your product and how that customer felt about your product by mentioning the customer’s name and address also.

The story of your previous customer acts as a reference for you as to, how good and sincere you are to your customers. Such a real story greatly impacts the prospect’s psychology. And, in later days customer may want to know more and expects to get such an experience.

Maintain Good Eye Contact

Eye contact is an essential part of when you make face-to-face contact with anyone. The eye contact you make with the next person indicates that you and your words have the power to influence.

When the next person is looking at your eyes you turn down your eyes. The next person will make an opinion of you as a suspicious person, think you are not an authentic person, and as a result, you will get a negative impression.

Be A Listener

In any conversation always do not be a speaker instead, also be a listener. Might the next person have many things to say? If you do not give him a chance to express his feeling you do not how he is feeling and feels about you.

Be Relaxed and Enjoy The Moment

Life is about staying happy, being relaxed, and enjoying the moment rather than being sad by thinking something has not happened the way you expected. In your selling process when you try to make a first impression, you may not get the impressions you imagined.

Don’t worry, maybe that customer did not best fit you, go for the next customer and try to make a good approach. But make sure before switching prospects you have fully tried to create a good impression with the previous prospect.

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