File Processing System or Traditional File Approach

File Processing System or Traditional File Approach Definition & Problems

Traditional file processing system was used to manage information. It stores data in various files of different application programs to extract or insert data to the appropriate file. This processing system has several drawbacks due to which database management system is required. A file is a collection of information that is used to organize and access information but in this, the information is allocated in an unstructured and non-relation manner so that there is some limitation as compared to the database. Database management system removes problems found in this processing system.

file processing system
File Processing system

Some major problems of file processing system are:

  • Data redundancy and inconsistency
  • Difficulty in accessing data
  • Data isolation
  • Integrity problem
  • Concurrent access problem
  • Security problem

Data redundancy and inconsistency

In the file processing system, to store information we have to pay for higher storage or various file. And there is more chance of repeating data. Then it may lead the database to an inconsistent state.

Difficulty in accessing data

In this system, we cannot easily access required data stored in a particular file. For each new task, we have to write a new application program.

Data isolation

Data are scattered in different files and data may store in a different format. So it is difficult to write a program to retrieve appropriate data.

Integrity problem

Integrity problem refers to the inability to provide appropriate information. In this system, each data store may require a different file or program, and later it difficult to change or modify.

Concurrent access problem

Concurrent access increase the overall performance of the system providing fast response time but uncontrolled concurrent accesses can lead to inconsistencies in the system.

Security problem

It consists large no. of application programs. So it is difficult to enforce security for each application to allow accessing only part of data for individual database users.

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