9 Key Factors Affecting The Selection of Advertising Media (Explained)

Factors Affecting The Selection of Advertising Media

Factors affecting the selection of advertisement media – every advertising media has a significant and separate role in the promotion of a business and its products and services.

It is important to select or choose the right media for advertising, when inappropriate advertising media is selected it directly reduces the chances of achieving advertising objectives or wrong messages are delivered to the target market.

The advertising media such as press, print, audio, radio, visual, display, web, etc. have different roles and can be used as per different necessities as they have unique effectiveness. However, the selection of best advertising media generally depends upon the following factors,

  • Natur of product
  • Nature of potential market
  • Advertising objective
  • Availability of budget
  • Availability of media
  • Type of selling message
  • Distribution strategy
  • Extent of coverage
  • The level of competition

Nature of Product

The nature of the product itself is one of the major factors that affect the selection of advertising media to great extent. The products usually are of two consumers and industrial products.

Such as if the product’s durability is short it may not need expensive advertisings while more life expectancy products may need. Similarly, products like movies, vehicles, hotels, resorts, etc. need advertising on television.

Nature of Potential Market

The nature of the potential market also determines the choices of the advertising media, demographics of consumer groups such as age group, income level, religion, status, spending habit, literacy level, development areas, etc.

  • Television and movies advertising may be suitable for young people,
  • Newspapers and magazines may be appropriate for educated people,
  • Radio advertising may be suitable for rural people.

Advertising Objective

The objective of the company and advertising is also an unforgettable factor that affects the selection of advertising media. The objectives of advertising may just inform the people about the prodcut or service, persuade them to buy, to remind them, and so on.

Depending upon the objective the choices of advertising media differ,

  • If the primary objective the advertising is to communicate or persuade all the people of the country, the mass advertising media like newspapers, radio, TV, may be effective,
  • If the objective is to cover the local market only, posters and direct communication may be more effective,
  • If the marketers want immediate response from the people, direct and specialty advertising may be the best fit,
  • If the marketers want to build up company or product goodwill, mass advertising media especially newspapers and magazines may be appropriate.

Availability of Budget

Since advertising is any paid form of promotion, it needs a certain amount of budget. If the firm has an adequate amount of budget classified for the advertising – the firm can choose any media or more than one media to promote its products and services.

But if the firm has limited funds for advertising and wants to continue the advertising of its products, then for the firm it is better to use cheap media such as newspapers, display, and direct communication, door-to-door advertising, etc.

Availability of Media

In general, all the advertising media in all the markets may not be available. Sometimes, for a marketer, the desired media may not be available in the market, in such a situation, the marketer has to use the media which is available in the market because he has no other choice.

But, in the market, if there are a variety of advertising media and agencies, the marketer can select the best and most suitable media that best fits his budget and objectives.

Type of Selling Message

The selection of media is often based on the message that an organization wants to communicate to the target market. The message like,

i. If the advertiser wants to communicate with people with attractive colors or pictures and verbal or non-verbal messages, he must use television or film advertising.

ii. If advertise wants to communicate people only with verbal messages, radio advertising may be suitable.

iii. If he wants to attract people regularly with nonverbal but attractive colors combinations, advertising through electronic signs may be suitable.

The Distribution Strategy

If the advertiser directly wishes to communicate with customers direct advertising may be appropriate. However, if the firm wishes to motivate and persuade at each level in the distribution system such as agents, wholesalers, retailers, advertising should be done through the distribution channels.

Extent of Coverage

While selecting the advertising media, the advertiser should also consider how much audience or area he wants to cover through his advertising. Every media is a significant feature in its coverage.

If the marketer wants to cover the whole audience of the country, he may opt for radio, TV, or national newspapers. If the marketer wants to cover only the local market, poster, direct communication, local newspapers, magazines he may opt. Depending upon his coverage objective, the marketer also can select the advertising media.

The Level of Competition

The level of competition in the market also affects the selection of appropriate advertising media. If the market has high competition, the marketer has to go for expensive advertising as such he needs to add more attractive elements, more features, benefits, etc. in his advertising to attract the attention of the target market. He has to spend a lot of time and money to win the competition.

Since the competition is high in the market, in high budget and expensive advertisement the marketer can also reach a low number of audience as there are other competitors targeting those audiences.

However, in having low competition market, the markter can easily reach a large number of audiences on low budgets and has not had to spend a lot of time.

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