10 Important Differences Between Leadership and Management

Management Vs Leadership

Leadership and management are important concepts in today’s business age for effective business operations.

Management is the process of getting things done through others to meet organizational objectives. It is concerned with planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling, etc. On the other hand, Leadership is the process of influencing others’ behavior in order to achieve common objectives.

Management is universal to all organized activities. It is an exercise of harmonizing men, money, machines, materials, and methods toward fulfilling the defined objectives.

Leadership is the ability to persuade others to seek defined objectives enthusiastically. It is a personal quality.

Leadership is applicable to managers in the organization. A successful manager must have all leadership qualities. He has to lead his subordinates in order to achieve defined objectives.

All managers are leaders but all leaders may not be a good manager.

Difference Between Leadership and Management

Basis of
ConceptLeadership is the skill of influencing on
the behavior of others in accordance of
Management is the process of getting
things are done through others to meet
FocusIt focuses on the short-term objectives
of the institution.
It concentrates on the motivation of
subordinates to get the best efforts from
ConcentrateManagement emphasizes implementation
of policies, procedures, and systems in
It concentrates on the direction to the
subordinates to implement the plan in
ApproachLeadership emphasizes idealistic
approach to drawing the attention of
Management emphasizes a realistic approach
to achieve predetermined objectives.
EmphasizeLeadership emphasizes projection
of new ideas, policies, procedures,
systems, etc.
Leaders always want to remove
obstacles to going forward.
FamiliarIt is familiar with diversity to cover
more members.
It familiar to uniformity for smooth
EncourageIt encourages the empowerment of
followers to improve their
It encourages controlling the subordinates
to meet the standard of performance.
ObstaclesLeaders always want to remove
obstacles to go forward.
Managers always want to adapt
with obstacles.
ComponentLeadership is an important component
of management.
Management is a vague concept than
GoalA leader coaches his followers to
achieve determined goals.
A manager drives his employees to
achieve determined goals.

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