Password protection on word document-How to customize MS Word

Password Protection & customization of MS-WORD


The password protection on document & customization of MS-Word as follows:

Steps to protecting on a document:

  1. At first, create a document.
  2. Then clock in the office button.
  3. Click on prepare and click Encrypt Document.
  4. Then type a required password.
  5. Re-enter the entered password.
  6. Again click on the office button and click on save as.
  7. At last, create a file name and click on


Customization of Ms-Word to user’s requirements

The user can set preferences for AutoCorrect, printing, saving, custom dictionaries, color schemes, updating fields, and much more. In addition, this menu contains help options, such as repairing Microsoft Office, finding your product serial number, managing installed add-ins, and changing security setting.

To change user and software application preferences, follow these general steps:

  • Click on the Office button.
  • Click word options
  • Change setting as desired and then click on ok.
  • Following option tab will appear in a menu:

customization ms word

Popular: – this is where you find the most popular commands for customizing Word and the Office 2007 ribbon.

Display: – the display commands control how Word looks on-screen and when you print documents.

Proofing: – this menu allows you to set options for AutoCorrect, spelling check, grammar check, writing style setting, and adding and editing custom dictionaries.

Save: – if you want to change default file extension for saving word documents, use this menu.

Advanced: – this tab contains all other customization options. Available customization categories include the following:

  • Editing
  • Cut, copy and paste
  • Show document content
  • Display
  • Print
  • Save
  • Sharing
  • General
  • Compatibility
  • Layout

Customize: – this tab contains the dialog for customizing the Quick Access Toolbar.

Add-ins: – if you have add-ins installed, manage them here. You can add or remove add-ins, or review and manage add-ins that caused the word to not function properly.

Trust center: – you can access the Windows security center through this tab as well as set preferences for running macros.

Resources: – get to know this tab where you access links for Word update, help about Microsoft Word, Office Diagnostics, online support, and contact information for Microsoft Corporation.

For offline read download pdf file Password Protection

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