Convergent And Divergent Thinking: Meaning And Difference

Convergent and Divergent Thinking: Definition and Difference

Convergent Vs Divergent Thinking

Convergent and divergent thinking are two types of thinking. Convergent thinking is related to solving a given problem whereas divergent thinking is related to developing as many as possible solutions to a given problem. Let’s talk about them closely,

Convergent Thinking

Convergent thinking brings together all the information and knowledge focused on the solution of the problem that has a well-defined correct answer. Convergent thinking is logical, factual, conventional, and focused on a drag until an answer is found. it’s concerned with a specific outcome. The results of thinking are typically an answer that has been previously received by somebody else.

Convergent thinking is not a type of thinking people primarily use when they think creatively. When you are asked to name the capital of Nepal, you would use convergent thinking skills to provide the answer. Most formal education system emphasizes the teaching and assessment of convergent thinking. Students are encouraged to discover the right answers, to judge their ability.

Divergent Thinking

Divergent thinking is the ability to generate multiple possibilities in a given situation. Divergent thinking takes our thinking in different directions in search of multiple answers to questions. It is more related to creativity. It is loosely organized, partially directed, and unconventional. Divergent thinkers more smoothly breakouts prefixed mental sets that limit our thinking. it’s also characterized by “moving away” in various directions, to a spread of relevant aspects.

Good divergent thinking tends to be creative which yields novel ideas and solutions. Divergent thinkers use a variety of thoughts to solve a problem, for example, what are the uses of a brick? The person who gives the most varied answers “Heat to keep your bedroom warm”, “as a weapon”, “to held the shelves of a bookcase” etc. is the one who scores highest in divergent thinking. This kind of thinking is more closely related to creativity than convergent thinking. Divergent thinking includes autistic, convergent, and other thinking types in several ways.

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