contents of dead man's pocket four levels

Contents of The Dead Man’s Pocket

Contents of Dead Man’s Pocket Four Levels

Four levels of the story Contents of The Dead Man’s Pocket are as follows:

Literal Comprehension

“Contents of Dead Man’s Pocket” is a story written by Jack Finney. In this story, Tom Benecke works in the office. One day he and his wife decided to go to the cinema hall.

After some time Tom changed his mind about not to go cinema hall and convinced his wife you go alone saying I have to do important project work, office work.

When Tom opened the door for his wife the blow of wind flies his paper from the table and goes out on the ledge of the window. When he came back he saw the yellow paper on the ledge of the window.

He goes out of the window to take that yellow paper. He goes very slowly near the yellow paper afraid because he is on the 11th floor of a building in New York City.

Finally, he took the paper while returning he sees the below car seemed too tiny, imagining his dead body when he falls, he was too much afraid.

When he came near the window the blow of wind closed the window. He shouted for help, burning the old paper from his pocket for the sign of help but nobody cared.

Finally, he broke the window and entered the room and keep that yellow paper on the table. When his wife came he opened the door and again the blow of wind flies the paper on the ledge of the window. Seeing this he is laughing.


This story shows the conflict between responsibility and entertainment. Ambitious nature of human beings. It shows when we are in the mouth of death there we show the value of life.

Too much ambitious nature is not good because it is a source of distraction. Also, too much busy a life ignoring family life, relatives, culture, and norms are not a good thing rather than we have to take entertainment.

Critical Thinking

Some critical questions to this text are:

  • Can anybody take such a type of risk to take such peace of paper?
  • How is it possible for Tom to burn the fire on the ledge of the window?
  • How can we believe that there was the same event happened twice?
  • Why did he keep again the yellow paper on the table?


This story is related to my friend who is too much interested to go abroad to earn money. He only thinks about earning money forgetting the pleasure of family life. And he goes abroad.

After passes of two years, he was in a deep problem there and remembers his family, and friends and wants to come back own country. And, he realized that only money is not everything, family life is important too.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the theme of the contents of the dead man’s pocket?

In simple terms being too much ambitious is not good rather than we also focus on family life, and share time with our family. Success is not everything without the family.

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