Committee Sales Organization: Definition, Pros, and Cons

What is Committee Sales Organization?

A committee sales organization means a group of people who are formed in a committee to achieve certain specific sales objectives of the firm. This is the committee of people having a keen interest in solving sales problems and striving to get sales goals.

This form of sales organization organizes the executive group for planning and policy formulation. It leaves actual sales operations. It simply implements sales plans and policies. It is never the sole basis for organizing a sales department. Therefore, it has no organizing structure.

Considering the committee’s objective, many selling firms form sales training committees. This committee may include of,

  • General sales manager
  • Assistants of general sales manager
  • The sales training manager
  • Representative divisional or regional sales manager.

How does this committee work?

  • All the members meet periodically and draft training plans and formulate sales strategies and policies.
  • The responsibility of implementing these plans and policies is assigned (generally to the sales training manager.

The selling firm, however, may form other committees like a customer relation committee, a committee for sales operations, merchandising committee, new products committee, and so forth. The objective of forming these committees, after all, is increasing sales.

Pros and Cons of Committee Sales Organization


  • It helps to develop cooperation among members better than other sales organizations. Reasons are:
    • The committee members deliberate problems before developing policies.
    • They measure these problems against different views.
    • In the meeting, the members interchange ideas and present diverse opinions.
  • Committees render their most important services and provide various suggestions for better implementation of sales plans and policies.


  • Many companies prohibit committees from making decisions or formulating sales policies.
  • These companies argue that no committee should develop into a vehicle for evasion of responsibility.

How to Make Committee More effective?

Following actions might be taken to make a more effective committee sales organization.

  • The sales agenda must be planned and controlled to avoid wasting the time of the executives who do not directly take interest in the topics for discussion in the meeting.
  • The chairperson in the meeting should keep the discussion focusing upon the subject on hand. It does not mean that the chairperson should dominate the members.
  • The chairperson should guide discussions and should not force their opinions.

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