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Characteristics of Management | Approaches to Studying Management-principles of management

Approaches to Studying Management or Characteristics of Management


Management is the process of getting things through others. It has the aim to manage the activities wherever and a whenever it occurred. Some major characteristics of management as well as approaches for studying management are given below:

one characteristic of managementTo further enhance our understanding of the term management, we shall now examine some of its major characteristics.

  • Management is an activity
  • Management is Purposeful and goal-oriented
  • It is a Social Process
  • It is getting things done
  • Also, it is an intangible force
  • Also, it is an Integrating Process
  • Similarly, it is separate from ownership
  • Similarly, it is a Universal Activity
  • At last, Management is a social science

1. Management is an activity

Management is an activity that concerns the effective use of all resources both human and nonhuman. It is the driving force that inspires an undertaking. It creates the conditions and relationships that bring about the full use of resources.

2. It (management) is Purposeful and goal-oriented

The main concern of management is the achievement of clearly defined goals or objectives. Management is said to be successful only to the extent to which these objectives are achieved.

3. It (Management) is a Social Process

Organizations are social entities, as they are constituted of people. As such, management has to control, organize and motivate people and create a favorable climate for their development

4. Management is getting things done

A manager does not usually do the operating work himself but gets the work complete with and through people. A manager has to direct people, harness talents through training and procure technical, human, and psychological skills (intellectual capital).

5. Management is an intangible force

Though intangible, management is not abstract a social skill which is evident by the quality of the organization in terms of the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations.

6. Management is an Integrating Process

Management brings together people, machines and materials to carry out the operation of the organization and achieve a set of given objectives. It is a result-oriented process.

7. Management is separate from ownership

Management and ownership may be the same in small family or individual or sole proprietorship businesses, but in modern enterprises or corporations, a vast number of shareholders own the business enterprise or organization, while management is in the hands of qualified, professional and competent managers, who normally do not possess any ownership interest.

8. Also, Management is a Universal Activity

The techniques and tools of management are universally applicable. Managers perform the same functions regardless of their position in the management hierarchy, type of enterprise or location of the enterprise.

9. Similarly, Management is a social science

The science of management is universally applicable as a distinct discipline. It has assumed the professional character, hence requiring the use of specific knowledge, skill, and practice. Also, it utilizes certain fundamental concepts, theories, tools and techniques that constitute the subject matter of management. Therefore, satisfies all the conditions of a profession.

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