What is Political System? Definition, Functions, and Types (Explained)

Political System

What is Political System? A Political System is one of the social institutions that originate, enforces, and practice laws distribute power, sets a society’s agenda, and make decisions. The political system is a procedure of political activities, rules, assumptions, customs behaviors, and a working system. A political institution is an institution with a working procedure … Read more

What is Religion? Definition, Features, Sacred and Profane, Perspectives


What is Religion? Religion is a system of beliefs and practices based upon the idea of the sacred and profane. In sociological terms, religion is a system of beliefs, practices symbols, and rituals that somehow relate to the community’s orientation to the supernatural force that governs the universe. The term ‘religion’ has been derived from … Read more

What is Education? Meaning, Types, Functions, and Approaches


What is Education? Education is a social institution through which a society’s children are taught basic academic knowledge, learning skills, and cultural norms. Education is an inseparable part of human life. Without it, human life is incomplete, painful, and hopeless. It stands for deliberate instruction or training. The term education is derived from the Latin … Read more

7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Family (Explained)

joint family

Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Family A joint family consists of three or more generations, living together under the same roof, sharing the same kitchen and economic expenses. It is a family consisting of three or more nuclear families living together. Advantages of Joint Family The advantages of living in a joint family are; Economic … Read more

4 Major Factors Affecting To Marriage (Explained)

factors affecting marriage

Major Factors Affecting Marriage Marriage as a social institution is affected by various factors. The factors affecting marriage can be both internal and external to the individuals. Let’s explain these factors affecting marriage in detail. Industrialization Industrialization is the process of moving from an agrarian-based economy in which the primary product is food to an … Read more

What is Marriage? Definition, Features, Functions, and Types


What is Marriage? Marriage is a socially approved union that unites two or more individuals as spouses. This union is that there’ll be sexual relations, procreation, and permanence within the relationship. Marriage is a socially approved arrangement between males and females that involves an economic and sexual relationship. Children born to married couples are said … Read more

What is Social Institution? Definition, Types, Features, and Functions

social institution

What is Social Institution? A social institution is a network or organized pattern of social relationships and actions which are relatively permanent and comes into existence to fulfill social needs (or to satisfy basic human needs) and therefore, they can be seen as an indispensable part of the large society or community. In other words, … Read more

What is Gender? Definition, Gender Stratification, Vs. Sex


What is Gender? Gender is defined as socially and culturally constructed accepted behaviors and relations between males and females. Behaviors and relations are structured in deeply rooted social, cultural, political, economic, and religious frameworks. Sex refers to the biological divisions between males and females. Gender refers to the parallel and socially unequal division into feminity … Read more