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Social and Cultural Change in Nepal (A Glimpse)

Social and Cultural Change in Nepal

Social change has been a characteristic feature of most developing countries like Nepal. Both, gradual and planned types of social and cultural change have occurred in Nepal. For these various processes and changes, actors are found responsible. In the context of Nepal, some of the processes and factors responsible for the social and cultural change … Read more

The 5 Major Theories Of Social Change (Explained)

Theories on Social Change

Theories of Social Change There are many theories on social change developed by sociologists in order to explain the nature, direction, cause, and effects of social change. These various theories are; Let’s talk about these social change theories one by one, 1. Structural-Functionalist Approach to Social Change Functionalists emphasize what maintains society, not what changes … Read more

The 11 Major Factors of Social Change [Explained]

factors of social change

Factors or Causes of Social Change Social change takes place in all societies and in all periods of time. But here a question arises why does social change take place? The word ‘Why’ represents the reasons, the causes, or the factors that are responsible for social change. From the discussion of the nature of social … Read more

Social Change: Definition, Features, Source, Types, and More

social change

What is Social Change? The alteration or transformation in the social (human) inter-actions, relationships, social structure, social institutions, social organization, and patterns of social behavior in a given society is called social change. Change is a never-ending process and the universal law of life. Change occurs in every aspect of society from material to non-material … Read more

What Is Socialism? Meaning, Features, Pros, and Cons (Explained)


What is Socialism? Socialism is a type of economic system where the means of production are owned and managed by the state or say public. Socialism has also been known as a socialist economy. In socialism, the natural resources and the means of producing goods and services are collectively owned which means that the ownership … Read more

What is Capitalism? Its Meaning, Features, Pros, and Cons (Explained)

what is capitalism

What is Capitalism? Capitalism is a type of economic system where means of production are owned and managed by private individuals and institutions in which individuals are free to accumulate and invest capital. In a capitalist economy, the state only plays a minor role in the marketplace, mainly controlling monopoly and exploitation. So, capitalism is … Read more

Economic System: Its Definition, Functions, 3 Types, Approaches

Economic System

What is Economic System? An economic system is the wealth and resources of a country realized from sound economic exercises such as production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. As per Professor A G Brown, “Economy is a system by which people get their living.” In sociology, an “economy or economic system” is the … Read more

Welfare State: Definition, Function, Pros, and Cons (Explained)

welfare state

What is Welfare State? The welfare state is a state of a kind of governing system, during which the government acts an essential role within the security and betterment of the economic and social well-being of its people, primarily for those in financial or social need, employing grants, pensions, subsidies, and other interests. State of welfare is a government program built up … Read more

What is Democracy? Definition, Features, Types, Function [+Pros/Cons]

democracy example

What is Democracy? Democracy is a type of political system in which power lies in the hands of the people such as choosing their representatives (i.e. government) through periodic elections. E.g. Nepal, India, etc. have democracy. It is the most civilized and one of the best types of political system in which the supreme power … Read more

What is Political System? Definition, Functions, and Types (Explained)

Political System

What is Political System? A Political System is one of the social institutions that originate, enforces, and practice laws distribute power, sets a society’s agenda, and make decisions. The political system is a procedure of political activities, rules, assumptions, customs behaviors, and a working system. A political institution is an institution with a working procedure … Read more