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Salesforce Compensation Plan: Definition, Types, Objectives, and Features

Salesforce Compensation Plan

What is Salesforce Compensation Plan? A Salesforce compensation plan is a payment strategy of the sales organization to its salespeople which includes salary, commission, bonus, incentives, and different pay ranges. A compensation plan plays a crucial role in motivation and increment in the performance of the salesforce. The plan is designed considering the objectives of … Read more

Salesforce Motivation: Definition, Importance, Factors, and Methods

Salesforce Motivation

What is Salesforce Motivation? Salesforce or Sales Personnel motivation refers to giving inspiration and encouraging a salesperson intrinsically to stimulate his/her interest to do work motivated to achieve sales goals. In fact, salesforce motivation is a psychological aspect. It’s a process of making salespeople act in the desired manner. It is the art of inspiring … Read more

Salesforce Socialization: Definition, Process, and Objectives

Salesforce Socialization

What is Salesforce Socialization? Salesforce/sales personnel socialization is the process where the newly recruited salespeople are introduced to the selling firm, make mutual adaptations with other new salespeople, and develop a mutual understanding with employers/selling firm. It is a process that begins after orientation is given to the newly recruited sales force. Although salesforce orientation … Read more

7 Most Effective Methods of Sales Training [+Pros/Cons]

Sales Training Methods

Methods of Sales Training Sales training methods are a very effective way to enhance positively the performance of salespeople and achieve increased sales profits. These methods greatly work for whether the sales personnel are old i.e. current employees or the newly appointed sales personnel. It is an essential duty of the sales manager/sales organization to … Read more

Sales Training: Definition, Purpose, Importance, Process, and Methods

Sales Training

What is Sales Training? Sales training is the organized program to enhance the skills, abilities, attitudes, and performance of salesforce/sales personnel to achieve the sales objectives with best practices. It is organized to support sales personnel’s sales performance to make them strategically adapt to changing selling practices to support the profit of the firm also. … Read more

8 Most Important Steps of Salesforce Selection Process [Explained]

Salesforce Selection Process

Process of Salesforce/Sales Personnel Selection Salesforce selection by definition is selecting the most feasible potential sales candidates from the pool of candidates. The selection of the salesforce process only begins after the successful recruitment process is completed or a job vacancy is posted. Since salesforce/sales personnel selection and recruitment are used sometimes interchangeably, they are … Read more

8 Most Common Sources of Salesforce Recruitment [+Pros/Cons]

Salesforce Recruitment Sources

Sources of Salesforce/Sales Personnel Recruitment Recruitment of efficient salesforce/sales personnel is the most crucial task of the sales manager, for this, he must go for two types of sources either internal or external. Internal source means where the sales manager hires the required salesforce within his organization and in external sources, different means of media … Read more

Recruitment of Salesforce: Definition and Steps [Explained]

Salesforce Recruitment

Hiring, Recruitment, and Selection of Salesforce/Sales Personnel Hiring, recruiting, and selecting are all terms that are used interchangeably. Hiring refers to the process of locating, evaluating, and forming a working relationship with potential salespeople. However, salesforce recruitment is the process of identifying possible applicants and motivating them to apply for a current or anticipated position … Read more

4 Emerging Sales Organization Structure [+Pros/Cons]

Emerging Sales Organization

Emerging Sales Organization Structure/Design Emerging sales organization structures/designs are developed on the basis of field/territory for making selling more effective. The reason behind it is that the sales manager can personally supervise and control field selling operations. In case the selling firm is new or young and there are limited salespeople in a limited area … Read more

6 Most Common Methods of Sales Quota Setting [+Pros/Cons]

sales quota setting methods

Methods and Procedure of Sales Quota Setting There can be numerous alternative methods of setting a sales quota a company can go for. Such methods even differ significantly from one to another in procedural aspects. Here, we will discuss the most commonly used sales quota setting methods along with their procedural step, suitability, and problems. … Read more