Financial Accounting-II

Financial Accounting-II is the subject of the students of the second semester or first year. Who studies at Pokhara University’s  (PUs) affiliated colleges. Financial Accounting-II studied in the course of BBA | BBA-BI | BBA-TT | BCIS | BCA.

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Inventories and cost of goods sold

It includes the nature of inventory, cost of goods sold model; perpetual and periodic inventory accounting system, inventory valuation, inventory costing methods; First in first out (FIFO), Last in last out (LIFO), Weighted average and Specific identification; methods of inventory estimation; Retail inventory method, Gross profit method.


Account receivable and notes receivables; recognizing accounts receivable, valuation of account receivables, methods of accounting for doubtful and uncollectible debt, balance sheet presentation.

Property, Plant, and Equipment

Nature of operating assets, acquisition cost, concepts of capital and revenue expenditure, depreciation concepts, methods (straight-line method, double declining balance method, and units of production method), disposal of assets and accounting for gains and losses.

Current liabilities

Account payable, notes payable, current portion of long-term liabilities, contingent liabilities, and other current liabilities.

Non-current liabilities

Bonds payable; Amortization of bonds premium or discount, the redemption of bonds at and before maturity.

Lease:  Operating and financial lease, Balance sheet presentation.

Stockholder’s Equity and Dividends

Components of the stockholder’s equity section of the balance sheet; types of stock; common and preferred, types of preferred stocks, dividends; meaning and types of dividend, stock spit; stock dividend and stock split.