Electronic Commerce Vs. Traditional Commerce: 12 Key Differences

Electronic Commerce Vs. Traditional Commerce

Electronic Commerce Vs. Traditional Commerce Electronic commerce (shortly eCommerce) means buying and selling online via the internet whereas traditional commerce means buying and selling face-to-face exchanging products for money at a physical store, offline. Electronic and traditional commerce differ in many ways, some major differences are mentioned below: Definition eCommerce is the buying and selling … Read more

17 Advantages and 9 Disadvantages of E-Business

Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Business

Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Business E-business being a hot business topic provides many advantages as well as disadvantages. e-business/e-commerce has completely changed the way of buying and selling at present. The advantages of e-business are equally important to the company, customers, and society. Let’s talk about how companies, customers, and society are benefited from e-business … Read more

7 Most Common Models of eBusiness

Models of eBusiness

Models of eBusiness/eCommerce The eBusiness/eCommerce models, like any business model, describe how business works, how to serve products, how revenues are generated, how to create, and adapt to changing market situations and technologies. Traditionally there are four business models vis. B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C – these are the eBusiness concepts, value propositions, sources of revenue, … Read more

Evolution/History of E-business/E-commerce (Explained)

History of E-Business/E-commerce

History of E-Business/E-commerce In history, the evolution of e-business (electronic business) is found in the early 1900s as simple, when text-based websites offered product information. For the first time internet was made available for commercial purposes. Websites were allowed to use the internet for business transactions. In history, the evolution of e-commerce (electronic commerce) can … Read more

13 Characteristics/Features of E-Business (Explained)

Characteristics of E Business

Characteristics of E-Business E-business being internet-based provides various valuable ways to do business online. E-business is the way of performing activities online through the internet, intranet, extranet, and web. E-commerce is the subset of e-business that has been an essential part that makes the e-business concept complete. The main characteristics/features of e-business can be mentioned … Read more

What is E-Business? Definition, Features, History, Models, and Importance

E Business

What is E-Business (Electronic Business)? E-business (electronic business) refers to the carrying out business activities online with the help of basic tools internet, intranet, and extranet. E-business also called online business which includes activities such as buying, selling, business deals, procurements, monetary transactions over the internet, customer relationship management, collaboration with suppliers, and other stakeholders. … Read more