Computer & IT Application

Computer & IT Application

Computer IT Application is the first semester subjects. It studied in course of  BBA, BBA-TT, BHCM, etc at first semester of Pokhara University’s colleges. Here you can get pieces of knowledge about the computer and information technology. And notes of this Computer & IT Application subject notes.

According to the present context, this topic is everywhere used. It is because of its wide scope. As we know wherever we go we found a computer system and its users.

In this concept may users can get as well as readers can get notes for about the PC system, information technology, application, etc.

It includes the course as well as topics of computing devices, software, operating system, different types of programming language, word processor (MS – Word), spreadsheet (MS – Excel), presentation (MS – PowerPoint), database (MS – Access), internet and world wide web, etc.

Similarly, it includes all the definition, scopes, characteristics, features, uses, applications, advantages, disadvantages, etc of above all topics.

operating systems functions

Definition of Operating system and its functions

The System Concept BBA | BBA-TT | BHCM A system or computer system is a combination of three elements. These three elements are hardware, firmware, and software. The software may also be classified as system one system software and another application software. Where system software includes an operating system, translator, communication software and utility software. Similarly, …

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block diagram of digital computer

Central processing unit (CPU) for BBA first semester

Computer system BBA | BBA-TT | BHCM The central processing unit (CPU), memory and storage systems Organization of computer or Functional diagram of the digital computer     A computer can process data, pictures, sound, and graphics. They can solve highly complicated problems quickly and accurately. It is because of every computer have a central …

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