Adventures In English-I-notes For Bachelor First Years Students

Four Levels of Sheps Hobby – Compare and Contrast with Stickeen

Sheps Hobby four levels compare contrast between sheps hobby stickeen

Sheps Hobby Four Levels Four levels of the story Sheps Hobby are given below: Literal Comprehension In this story Sheps Hobby, James a narrator, a vet, a cow named Rose, and the dog named Shep. This starts when the narrator goes to Mr. Bailes’s house to treat Rose, she was suffering from stomach trouble of … Read more

King David’s Crime Four Levels – Adventures in English

king David crime four levels

Four Levels of King Davids Crime King Davids Crime four levels are mentioned below: Literal Comprehension The story ‘ King David’s Crime ‘ is taken from the Holy Bible. In this story, King David sends Joab into the battle with his commanders, and servants & he stays in Jerusalem. In the evening David arose from … Read more

Adventures in English I old questions and Business Result Answer Keys | Pokhara University

adventures in english question paper, business result answer keys

Adventures in English and Business Result Model Question Paper BBA | BBA-BI | BBA-TT | BHCM | BCIS | BHM 1st Semester Pokhara University’s Adventures in English I question paper and Business Result answer keys. Business Result student book answer keys and Practice file answer keys are below the picture. The student book answer keys … Read more

Four Levels of Essay “Why Go To University?”

Why Go To University ? Four Levels

Why Go To University? Four Levels Four levels of Why Go To University is: Literal Comprehension Why Go To University is an essay written by Moti Nissani. This essay describes the importance of University or higher education. In this essay, he has described it in 10 points or paragraphs. In the first paragraph, the writer … Read more

Four Levels of Curbing the One-Eyed Monster

Curbing the one eyed monster

Curbing the One-Eyed Monster Four Levels Four levels of the story Curbing the One-Eyed Monster are mentioned below: Curbing= control, monster = TV Literal Comprehension Here in the story “Curbing The One-Eyed Monster” TV stands for one-eyed monster & it is written in the context of America. The writer, Fiona C. Jenkins (1947) shows the more … Read more

Four levels of Teaching In The Television Culture

Teaching in the Television Culture Four levels

Teaching In The Television Culture Four levels of the essay Teaching In The Television Culture are given below: Literal Comprehension In this essay “Teaching in the Television Culture” shows the conflict between writer Judith scot-smith Girgus and Cecelia Tichi & critics Marrie Winn & Neil Postman, etc. The critics emphasized towards only print culture as … Read more