43 Great Small Business Ideas in India To Start in 2023

Small Business Ideas in India: Overview

Are you planning to start a business in India and looking for new business ideas to try? That’s great. Small business ideas have great potential in the Indian market.

Here, I have listed more than 40 small business ideas you can easily within a low budget establish in the Indian market and start making money. But, before choosing a business idea you must consider looking at business market demand, profit generation, and growth potentials.

40+ Small Business Ideas in India

Are you looking for small business ideas to try in India in 2023? Below is the list of business ideas that have been generating reasonable profits in the Indian market. So, let’s start exploring those ideas.

Pani Puri Shop

Pani Puri A Small Business idea in india

Pani Puri Shop: A tasty business idea in India, selling popular street snacks. With high demand, it has great potential for profits. Pani Puri is loved by people of all ages, making it a hit in the Indian market. Starting is simple – set up a small stall or kiosk. Make money by selling delicious pani puris, offering various flavors, and providing quick service. A delightful business that can bring joy and income.

Wedding Planning

This small business idea revolves around helping couples create their dream weddings. With a booming wedding industry in India, the potential for success is immense. Start by building a portfolio and networking with vendors. Offer services like venue selection, decor, catering, and coordination. Make money through service fees or commissions from vendors. Spread love and happiness while making dreams come true in the Indian wedding market.

Hair Cutting

This small business idea is all about providing hairstyling services to customers. With the growing focus on personal grooming in the Indian market, the potential for success is high. Start by honing your hair-cutting skills and offering a variety of trendy styles. Set up a salon or offer home services. Make money through service charges and selling hair care products. Boost your client’s confidence with a great haircut!


Blogging is a creative business idea where you write and share your passion online. It has immense potential for income and influence. In the Indian market, blogging is booming as more people go online. Starting is easy – create your blog on a topic you love. Make money through ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. Engage your audience with valuable content. Blogging offers a fulfilling and profitable venture for those with a knack for writing and sharing knowledge.

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A modern business idea where you sell products without stocking inventory. It holds immense potential due to low investment and no need to hold stock. Dropshipping is thriving in the market, with more online stores adopting this model. Start by partnering with suppliers and creating your online store. When customers order, suppliers ship directly to them. Make money by setting your own prices and earning the difference. With minimal risk and effort, dropshipping offers a profitable and flexible venture.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a booming business that helps companies promote products online. It has vast potential due to increased internet usage. Digital marketing is in high demand, with businesses seeking online visibility. Start by learning digital marketing skills through courses or online resources. Offer services like SEO, social media management, and content marketing. Earn money by charging clients for your services.

Network Marketing

Network Marketing is a rewarding business where you promote products for established brands. It has vast potential as health and wellness awareness grows. In India, network marketing is gaining popularity. To start, choose a reliable brand and build a customer and distributor network. Earn through product sales commissions and team-building. With dedication, network marketing can be a successful and fulfilling small business venture.

Babysitting/ Childcare

Babysitting is an ideal small business for nurturing and caring individuals. Its potential is high due to the increasing number of working couples. In the Indian market, the demand for trustworthy childcare is growing. Start from home or a small space with basic amenities. Make money by offering safe and loving childcare services. Create a warm and welcoming environment, and you’ll see parents entrust their precious little ones to your care.

Dance Classes

Dance Classes

Step into a joyful small business of teaching dance. Its potential is soaring as more people seek to stay fit and explore creative expression. In the Indian market, dance classes are in demand, catering to all age groups. Start with a dance space, talented instructors, and music equipment. Make money through class fees and offering specialized workshops and performances to attract more students.

Mobile Garage

Drive into a profitable small business fixing stalled vehicles on the go. Its potential is high as roadside assistance gains popularity. In the Indian market, mobile garages are sought after for quick repairs. Start with essential tools, a vehicle, and marketing. Earn money by providing repair services and charging fees for emergency assistance. Build trust and loyalty for repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals.

Aquariums & Fish

Dive into a small business creating captivating underwater worlds. Offer customized aquarium setups and pet fish to pet lovers. The potential is high as people seek unique and aesthetically pleasing aquariums. In the Indian market, the demand for such setups is rising. Start with a variety of tanks, fish, and accessories. Make money by selling aquariums and fish, and offer maintenance services for recurring income. Turn your passion for fish into profitable ventures.

Nursery & Garden Requirements

Cultivate a green business by selling plants, shrubs, and gardening essentials. Create a serene space for plant lovers and landscapers. The potential is blooming as more people embrace gardening. In the Indian market, the demand for greenery is on the rise. Start with a range of plants, seeds, and gardening tools. Make money by selling nursery products and offering gardening advice and services. Nurture your passion for plants into a flourishing venture.

Jams, Pickles & Sauces

Preserve deliciousness with homemade jams, pickles, and sauces. This small business offers unique flavors and healthier options to food lovers. With increasing health consciousness, the potential for this business is spicing up. In the Indian market, demand for natural, chemical-free condiments is rising. Start by crafting tasty recipes and packaging them attractively. Make money by selling these mouthwatering delights online, in stores, or even at local markets.

Stamps & Coins

Uncover the world of rare collectibles. This small business deals in valuable stamps and coins from various countries, attracting passionate collectors. With the niche market of philatelists and numismatists, the potential for growth is steady. In the Indian market, this business remains niche but promising. To start, acquire stamps and coins from different countries and offer them to collectors. Make money through buying, selling, and trading these coveted treasures.”

Pet Care

pet care business ideas

Embrace the love for animals with this small business. Pet care involves providing services like pet sitting, grooming, and walking. The potential for growth is immense as more people adopt pets. In the Indian market, pet care is booming due to busy lifestyles. To start, offer your services to friends and family and expand through word-of-mouth. Make money by charging fees for pet care services and gaining loyal customers through exceptional care and trust.

Fragrant Candles

Fragrant candles are handcrafted scented candles that offer relaxation and calm. With a growing demand for natural products, the potential for this business is high. In the Indian market, fragrant candles are gaining popularity as people seek therapeutic experiences. Start by experimenting with different scents and designs. Make money by selling your candles online, at local markets, and through personalized orders for events and gifting.

Cakes & Bakes

Cakes & Bakes is a small business idea in India that involves baking a variety of cakes, muffins, cookies, and more. The potential for this business is high, as people always crave new and delicious treats. In the Indian market, homemade baked goods are gaining popularity due to their taste and quality. Start by perfecting your recipes and promoting them through social media. Make money by selling at local events, taking customized orders, and offering home delivery.”

Ice Cubes

Chill out with this cool small business idea. Producing and selling ice cubes is a simple yet cost-effective venture. With rising demand from restaurants, bars, and consumers, the potential for success is high. The Indian market welcomes this essential product, especially during hot seasons. Starting this business requires proper equipment and clean water. Make money by selling in bulk, and retail, and obtaining FSSAI certification for compliance.

Travel Services

Offering travel and related services can lead to instant profits. Collaborate with long-distance bus services, provide online rail ticket reservations, and arrange hotel stays for travelers. The Indian market is ripe for travel services, and people seek convenience in trip planning. Start by forming partnerships with service providers and earn commissions for each booking. Make money through efficient travel arrangements and exceptional customer service.

Start an Ethnic Food Store

Open a store that caters to the diverse palates of different communities in India. Procure products with long shelf life from regional suppliers and sell them to your target customers. The potential for this business is vast, as people appreciate authentic ethnic foods. With low investment and cultural understanding, you can create a profitable venture. Make money by offering unique and traditional products that customers love.

Medical Sample Collection

Be a lifesaver with this small business idea. Collect blood, urine, and other medical samples from patients at their homes. This rapidly growing venture serves the healthcare industry, where home-based services are in demand. With proper equipment and agreements with pathological labs, you can offer this essential service. The potential for growth is high, and you can make money by charging for sample collection and home delivery of medical reports.

Antique Furniture Restoration

Turn back time with this rewarding small business idea. Restore and repair cherished antique furniture to its former glory. With a keen eye for aesthetics and skilled workers, you can cater to the growing demand for preserving vintage pieces. The market for antique furniture restoration is thriving, and you can make money by charging for your expert services and building a reputation for quality craftsmanship.

CCTV & Surveillance

Safeguarding homes and businesses is the core of this small business idea. Install and maintain CCTV cameras to meet the rising demand for security solutions. With increasing security concerns, this business has great potential in the Indian market. You can start by acquiring the necessary equipment and offering installation services. Making money comes from selling surveillance systems, providing maintenance contracts, and ensuring your clients’ peace of mind.

Party Services

Spice up celebrations with this fun-filled small business. Provide a range of party services like venue decoration, games, mascots, and return gifts. With the growing trend of events and parties, the potential for this business is high in the Indian market. Start by offering creative and affordable packages. Your income comes from charging for your services, securing tie-ups with event organizers, and delighting clients with unforgettable celebrations.

Address Verification Service

Help businesses prevent fraud and ensure accuracy by providing physical address verification. This small business idea is in demand in the Indian market as companies seek reliable verification partners. Start by obtaining agreements with banks and service providers. You’ll need a vehicle and manpower for visiting customer addresses. Make money through service fees charged to businesses, based on the number of verifications done, and gain trust through accurate and timely deliveries.

Make Religious Items

Small business ideas in india

Tap into India’s massive market for religious products like deity pictures, incense sticks, prayer beads, and more. With low investment and long shelf-life products, this small business idea has great potential. The demand for religious items remains high due to the diverse faiths in India. Start by sourcing products from different regions and selling them to target communities. Make money through sales and gain goodwill by catering to the spiritual needs of customers.

Postal Labeling and Sorting

Start a small business that provides labeling and sorting services for postal packages and letters. As e-commerce grows, the demand for efficient postal handling is increasing. Potential clients include online sellers, offices, and individuals. In India’s expanding market, this business idea holds promise. Begin with basic equipment and hire staff for sorting and labeling. Make money by charging service fees based on the volume of packages processed, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries.

Walking Tours

Embark on a small business offering guided walking tours to explore the hidden gems of your city. Potential tourists and locals seek unique experiences and insights into the culture and history. In India’s diverse market, this idea has great potential. Start by creating interesting tour routes and promoting them through social media and travel platforms. Charge fees per person for the tours and provide a memorable experience to earn positive reviews and attract more customers.

Imported Products

Start a small business importing unique and trendy products from foreign countries. The idea holds great potential in the Indian market, where people crave international goods. Begin by researching popular and niche products, establishing supplier connections, and setting up an online or offline store. You can make money by selling these exclusive items at a markup, providing customers with access to products not easily available locally.

Soya Products

Embrace a small business idea centered around producing and selling soy-based products. With the rising health consciousness and demand for vegetarian options, soy products have great potential in the Indian market. Start by crafting delicious items like soy milk, tofu, and soy-based snacks. Market your products locally and online, tapping into health-conscious consumers. As your brand gains popularity, you can expand your product line and establish a steady revenue stream.

Ice Cream Shops

ice cream shop an small business idea

Cool down with a sweet small business idea—an ice cream shop! Delight customers with a variety of delicious ice cream flavors and treats. The ice cream business has great potential in the Indian market, especially during hot seasons. To start, find a suitable location, invest in quality ingredients, and create unique flavors to stand out. As your shop gains popularity, expand your offerings and consider catering to events for additional income.

Used Laptops

Embrace this smart small business idea of selling pre-owned laptops. With a growing demand for affordable technology, selling used laptops has great potential in the Indian market. Start by sourcing quality, functional laptops, and offer them at competitive prices. Provide warranties and excellent customer service to build trust. You can also offer laptop repairs and accessories for additional income.

Sign Boards

Unlock the potential of the signboard business as it thrives in the Indian market. Your small business venture involves designing and creating eye-catching signboards for shops, offices, and events. With the increasing demand for advertising, this idea has great potential. Start by acquiring design skills and materials. Collaborate with local businesses for projects and referrals. Offer personalized and creative solutions to stand out. As your reputation grows, so will your profits in this lucrative venture.

Manpower Supply

Empower businesses with the right workforce. This small business idea involves providing skilled and unskilled manpower to companies in need of temporary or permanent staff. With India’s growing economy, the demand for manpower is on the rise. To start, build a network of job seekers and employers. Ensure proper documentation and background checks for credibility. Charge a commission or service fee for successful placements. As the job market expands, your earnings will too.

Stationery Supply

This small business idea involves selling a wide range of stationery items like pens, pencils, notebooks, art supplies, and more. With the education sector thriving and offices in constant need of supplies, the potential for growth is high. To start, source quality products from wholesalers or manufacturers. Establish a physical or online store. Offer competitive prices and excellent customer service to build a loyal customer base.

Digitizing Audio and Video

Preserve memories and entertainment in the digital age. This small business involves converting analog audio and video formats (tapes, cassettes, etc.) into digital files. With the increasing demand for digitization and the need to preserve old recordings, the potential for this business is promising. Start by investing in equipment for conversion. Market your services to individuals, families, and businesses. Charge a fee per item or offer package deals to generate revenue.

Gardening Services

Gardening a small business idea

Cultivate beauty and greenery. This small business offers gardening and landscaping services to homes and businesses. With the increasing desire for well-maintained outdoor spaces, the potential for this business is blooming. Start by acquiring gardening tools and equipment. Advertise your services locally and online. Earn money through one-time landscaping projects, regular maintenance contracts, and selling plants and garden supplies.

Glamour Photography

Capture beauty and elegance. This small business idea involves providing professional photography services to individuals seeking glamorous and stylish portraits. With the growing demand for stunning photos for portfolios, social media, and personal use, the potential for this business is shining bright. Start by investing in high-quality camera equipment and studio setup. Promote your services through social media and networking. Make money through photoshoot packages and selling prints.

Caregiver Service

Embrace the power of compassion. Caregiver Service small business involves providing caregiving assistance to the elderly or individuals with special needs. The potential for this business is growing rapidly due to the aging population and busy lifestyles. To start, hire skilled and empathetic caregivers. Market your services through word-of-mouth, referrals, and local advertising. Make money through service packages and monthly subscriptions. Make a difference in people’s lives while earning profits.

Computerized Horoscopes

This small business idea involves providing personalized horoscope readings using computer software. The potential for this business is vast, as astrology and horoscopes continue to fascinate people. To start, acquire astrology software and study astrology basics. Market your services through social media, astrology forums, and partnerships. Make money through one-time horoscope readings, subscription packages, and astrology-related products.

Corporate Gifts

This small business involves providing unique and personalized gifts for corporate clients. The potential is significant as companies seek thoughtful gifts to impress their associates. Start by sourcing high-quality products and customizing them with company logos. Market your services through networking events and online platforms. Earn profits through bulk orders and repeat business. Build lasting relationships through thoughtful gestures and create a thriving corporate gifting business.

Packing Services

This business idea revolves around providing packing and moving services to individuals and businesses. With the rising demand for relocation assistance, the potential for growth is high. Start by organizing packing materials and hiring reliable staff. Advertise your services locally and online. Make money by charging fees for packing, loading, and unloading belongings. Ensure smooth moves and build a reputation for excellence in the packing services market.

Homemade Chocolates

Homemade Chocolates is the last of our 40+ small business ideas in India. This small business idea involves crafting delicious chocolates from scratch and selling them. With a growing demand for unique and handcrafted treats, the potential for success is promising. Start by experimenting with flavors and packaging. Market your chocolates at local events, gift shops, and online platforms. Make money through direct sales and bulk orders for special occasions. Satisfy people’s sweet cravings and watch your homemade chocolates business flourish in the Indian market.

43 Business Ideas in India: Conclusion

Hence, the above are the 43 best small business ideas in India. Choose any of the business ideas from the above 43 and start your own business in 2023. Best of Luck.

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